LowFareKing.com Unveils its Top 33 Hotel Picks in Prague Across Three Budget Categories

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2009-10-22 03:10:15

LowFareKing.com has unveiled its recommended discounted hotels in Prague, Czech Republic in the Budget, Mid-Range and High-End price categories.

Ocala, FL, USA-LowFareKing.com has announced its top discounted hotel recommendations for Prague, Czech Republic in the Budget, Mid-Range and High-End price categories. "Our 33 hand-selected Prague hotel recommendations will save our visitors time. Unlike most hotel booking sites, we provide an alternative to searching through our extensive data base of hotels" said Low Fare King's Head of Development. "We recommend hotels in Prague that have provided photos of the property, fall into the deeply discounted Save Rate category, and are star rated." He went on to say that "there are some really exceptional deals within our database. Hotel properties are in there that provide a lot of value for the price. When we find those, we make sure we include them in our picks." The entire Prague hotel database can also be searched, but can easily be narrowed down to only display the discount hotels that are available for the time of stay selected by the user. This can be achieved by entering check-in and check-out dates in the Check Prague Hotel Availability box and then hitting the search key.

Other features include the ability to see side by side comparisons of up to five hotels of the user's choosing. A hotel should be selected, dates of desired stay entered and then the Search button hit. Once the pricing appears, if desired, a user can click on the Add or View my Favorites text in order to build a list of hotels to be compared. Points of comparison include price, star ratings, user ratings, and features and amenities (by using the scroll bar). Amenities of a particular hotel are highlighted with a yellow check mark. Alternatively the hotels on a user's favorite list can be plotted on a map along with other points of interest, added by the user such as airports, museums, and the like.

Using a different search, a visitor can also target hotels with specific amenities. This is accomplished by clicking on the Advanced Options button to the left of the Find Hotels button located within the Hotels search box.

"Our research has shown that travelers are looking for a simpler, more user-friendly online booking experience. Furthermore, customers appreciate our recommendations as it gives them a baseline of what to look for, especially in a city that may be unfamiliar to them" said the Head of Development for Low Fare King. He went on to say that "we have found that users would really rather be able to find all of the travel services and related products they need in order to take a successful trip, all at one site, over searching across many different websites. We continually strive to provide the tools necessary to make this happen. That is our goal, and I believe our new Prague hotel specific page accomplishes that goal."

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