Ultriva's Naveen Gottumukkala Looks at What Drives Lean

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2009-10-22 00:09:51

Ultriva's Naveen Gottumukkala Looks at What Drives Lean

(OPENPRESS) October 22, 2009 -- According to Narayan Laksham, CEO of Ultriva, (www.ultriva.com), "We design lean manufacturing software and solutions that drive lean processes across the supply chain, from suppliers to customers." Ultriva's flagship product, Ultriva Electronic Kanban, eliminates stock-outs while reducing inventory levels up to 75 percent. Ultriva Lean Scheduling complements demand-driven replenishment strategies by optimizing production schedules in real time around the most variable customer demand. Ultriva Supplier Replenishment extends the replenishment capabilities of Kanban to include schedule-based replenishment, discrete POs, min/max, consignment and VMI (vendor-managed inventory) replenishment methods. Ultriva's products are in use in more than 100 plants worldwide, incorporating more than 4,000 suppliers, transacting over one billion dollars of inventory and reducing manufacturing costs for industry leaders such as AGCO, Emerson, Ingersoll-Rand, McKesson, Rexnord, and Timken.

Naveen Gottumukkala, an Ultriva consultative implementation expert, noted, "Expanding kanban throughout the entire supply chain is often met with a reluctance to change, tried Manual kanban and failed, not enough corporate support, moving away from the MRP mindset, job security where buyers feel threatened, or reluctance of the suppliers using the system."

Naveen noted that Ultriva characteristics that have proven most helpful and unique to overcome these issues include:

 Exception Handling(Alerts)
 Able to track the Inventory
 Production Sequencing helpful in Internal Kanab
 Various Replenishment methods
 Quick Integration
 Inventory Visibility and Accuracy

Biamp created an interesting challenge for Naveen; "It was the first Electronic Manufacturing plant using the Ultriva Software. They already had a lean system in place and wanted our Software to fit that process and were very reluctant to change. Once they started the implementation they understood the benefits and then changed the process to Ultriva's approach."

The Current Market conditions create an opportunity for Ultriva as enterprises are looking to reduce inventory costs.

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