Hip Surgery In India For Montana Patient Saves Him 85%, Arranged By Medical Tourism Company

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2008-12-31 00:02:24

Experts in medical tourism, WorldMed Assist's mission is to improve lives by helping patients receive high quality medical treatment abroad at affordable prices.

Butte, MT (OPENPRESS) December 31, 2008 -- When Larry Hoffman started researching hip surgery to alleviate his excruciating hip pain, he never thought he'd end up becoming a medical tourist, traveling to have hip resurfacing surgery in India by Dr. Vijay Bose. Many consider Dr. Bose to be one of the world's leading hip resurfacing surgeons, a claim Hoffman found reinforced over and over again on hip surgery forums.

"I thought I was going to have hip replacement surgery, but I found out I'd be unable to drive for six weeks afterward, and that wasn't an option for me," said Hoffman. "A chance conversation with a friend put me onto hip resurfacing surgery, which had a faster recovery time and was less invasive, and I said 'that's for me'. But then I learned that because the procedure had only been approved in the U.S. since 2006, there were few doctors, none anywhere near my home, with a long enough track record to give me confidence. I also found out that U.S. prices ran about $70,000."

He scoured through hip surgery forums and kept coming across raves for Dr. Bose and Chennai's Apollo Hospital in India. Digging deeper, he became more and more impressed, learning that Dr. Bose had done 1,200 hip resurfacings, making him one of only five surgeons in the world to reach this mark. Equally impressive was that he pioneered innovations in hip resurfacing, is UK board certified, had recently returned from participating in a hip resurfacing seminar in England, and has many athletes as happy patients.

Hoffman contacted a medical travel facilitator, and started getting his trip lined up. Just as he was ready to sign on the dotted line, he discovered the company had been dishonest about their facilitation charges. "When I asked about their facilitation fees initially, they said there were none. Then the invoice arrived with their fee at $600. If they'd told me that in the first place, I'd have paid it because I didn't know anything different. But they lied, and I was mad."

Based on positive comments on forums and a direct recommendation from a fellow Montana patient, he switched to medical tourism company WorldMed Assist. "They were completely upfront and very accommodating in making the change from the other company. From beginning to end, Janet Kwan, a registered nurse, was always there—very communicative and helpful with arrangements. Everything went smoothly."

From the minute he checked into Apollo Hospital, he was amazed by the care and attention he was given. "It was almost overwhelming for an independent guy like me," he said with a grin. I can't imagine that level of care in the U.S."

His recovery was speedy, due in no small part to his life-long attention to fitness. "By the third day, I was able to do leg lifts, which surprised the physical therapist. I was in good shape before the surgery, and it really paid off. The only limitation they gave me when I left was to prop my knee on a pillow when sleeping on my side for the first few weeks.

"At just about four weeks post-op, I have my life back, with no limitations due to the hip or surgery. As a mining engineer, I am now walking the full extent of the mine both ways (2000 feet with a 300 foot drop), which I hadn't been able to do for over three months. My grandsons are delighted to have their Papa keeping up with them again. I've been hiking and rock climbing with my oldest grandson at 6500 feet elevation on the Continental Divide. I am a zealous missionary for Hip Resurfacing, spreading the word as fast as I can."

His total cost was just over $11,000, "even including phone cards to keep in touch with family and overseas credit card fees. My costs are probably $600 higher than someone traveling from a more urban area," he said. "Beyond the 85% savings, what impressed me the most was the artistry of Dr. Bose." And, of course, his regained mobility.

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Experts in medical tourism, WorldMed Assist's mission is to improve lives by helping patients receive high quality medical treatment abroad at affordable prices. WorldMed Assist coordinates and simplifies every aspect of care and travel. Orthopedic surgeries abroad such as hip resurfacing, hip replacement and knee replacement are significantly less expensive than in the U.S., yet delivered with the same or higher quality care and results as set by U.S. standards. Waiting times are virtually eliminated, track records are proven, and facilities are state-of-the-art. For more information, visit http://www.worldmedassist.com

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