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2007-12-28 00:06:10

New service offered to make it easy for businesses and non-profits to have a website up and running in a short time for minimal cost with a professional appearance. All sites can be easily maintained by the site owner.

Bristol, VT (OPENPRESS) December 28, 2007 -- Entering the world of business on the internet can be frustrating and challenging for those with little or no experience, but there is a new service to help small businesses and non-profits obtain a productive online presence. According to the OCLC there are over 1 million unfinished websites.

Joyce Wolpin is a successful web designer and internet marketing consultant. She believes that going from the "under construction" page on a web site to the finished web site can be a lot less painful, less expensive and take less time than most people believe.

"I see so many websites with the 'under construction' sign up for years, literally. Business people recognize that in today's competitive climate they could really benefit from an attractive, informative website." explained Wolpin. "So, what's stopping them? They expect that it will cost too much, or take too much of their time or be too hard to maintain."

To address these needs of small businesses and non-profits, Wolpin has created where visitors can easily sign up for the size web site of their choice, upload a brochure or descriptive material they already have, and have it turned into a website in a week or less for a set cost. After the site is completed, they will be able to easily update and maintain the website in the future.

"Some web designers want people to believe what they do is so complicated that they have to charge huge rates, and make clients wait for long periods of time. For established businesses which simply need a well-designed web site that provides information for visitors, the process is really pretty simple," said Wolpin.

That's not to say that websites produced will be lacking an individualized company feel and look. Banners can be customized with company logos and photos. Often, the website looks nicer than the brochure on which it was based. Stock photos are available for most products for as little as $1 per photo. is owned by Wolpin & Associates, a web design and marketing firm based in Bristol, Vermont and serving companies across the United States.

Joyce Wolpin is a successful web designer and internet marketing consultant. She helps business owners who are new to web sites to set up and operate their business with an online presence.

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