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|Press Releases|Pro PRs|Book Reviews|Articles (OP-ED)|News|Exposé|PR Firms| Raises Awareness of Growing Porn Addiction Problem

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2012-11-20 00:01:51 digg facebook Email twitter print was recently launched to help raise awareness of the growing problem of porn addiction.

(OPENPRESS), a leading online resource of information about pornography addiction, has started a new campaign to raise awareness about this rapidly growing problem. As high-speed Internet access becomes more mainstream and mobile devices like tablets and smartphones put access into the palms of people's hands, more Internet users are logging on to view pornography than ever. "The days of having to visit a sketchy adult video store are over," said one of the site's developers. "People can view the pornography they want from the comfort of their own homes, so it comes as no surprise that porn addiction has skyrocketed in recent years."

Not long ago, it wasn't easy to access pornography. It usually meant having to visit a local adult bookstore or video store or sending away for materials in the mail. That's no longer the case at all. In addition to the thousands of pornography sites that charge money, there are thousands of other free pornography sites as well. "You don't have to spend a dime to view pornography online," said the site's founder. "All you need is an Internet connection and a way to get online. Whether you use a laptop, a PC, a netbook, a tablet or a smartphone, you can view porn online anytime for free."

One only needs to consider a few statistics to understand what a problem porn addiction has become. As highlighted in this infographic, porn makes up a huge part of the Internet. More than 20 million Americans regularly visit porn websites, and 25 percent of all online searches have to do with pornography. It is estimated that approximately $2.84 billion is spent on online pornography per year. "That figure doesn't even take all of the free porn that's out there into account," said the site's founder. "Most people stick with free porn, so that's a large part of the problem right there."

Since launching, has become a top resource of information about porn addiction. The site features a variety of articles and posts about porn addiction, and it includes advice about getting help to stop the porn addiction problem. The site has already drawn in large amounts of traffic, and the new awareness campaign is expected to bring many new visitors to the site as well. "Even though porn is so readily available online, many people don't realize just how widespread porn addiction is," said a contributor to the site. "People don't like to talk about it."

Porn addiction affects people from all walks of life, and parents are increasingly concerned about the ease with which children can access it. "There are plenty of ways to shield children from online porn," said the site's founder. "However, today's kids are savvy about the Internet. Installing software on a computer isn't really enough. Parents need to be involved and stay on top of what their kids are doing online." This and other information forms a huge part of the new awareness campaign. "Parents need to be informed about porn addiction," said the contributor, "or their kids could easily become addicted."

Of course, porn addiction isn't just a threat to children. It's something that can easily tear apart relationships. "There are more and more reports of spouses breaking up over this problem," said the founder. "Porn is so easy to access that breaking the habit is very difficult. Professional help is often warranted." highlights these and other issues. The site includes resources that people can use to seek help. "Like any addiction, the first step is admitting there's a problem," said the founder. "We hope that raising awareness about porn addiction will prompt people to get the help they need."

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