Strategic Voting Platform, MakeMineCount Goes Live in Its Next Phase of Preparation for Campaign 2016

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2016-09-15 00:01:31

MakeMineCount is a not-for-profit strategic voting platform that allows users to trade votes with voters in other states. Third-party candidates get more votes, Hillary Clinton wins. Everybody wins, except Trump.

Oakland, CA (OPENPRESS) In the last couple of weeks, a group of 3rd-party supporters from across the US have come together in an effort to ensure that Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump, doesn't make it to the White House come this November. The group have formed MakeMineCount with a mission to maximize the impact of every vote come this November by having registrants trade votes across states.

MakeMineCount warns against any complacent feelings that a win for Democratic Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton, is a done deal. While many progressives don't want to endorse Hillary they all (and many beside them) want to stop Trump.

While it seems that Mr Trump and his (now disintegrating) team appear to be making efforts of their own to destabilize their campaign, the Trump/Pence ticket it is still seeing some strong polling data. Many are all too aware of the parallels that can now be drawn with Britain's recent Brexit crisis.

MakeMineCount has just unveiled their strategic voting platform at This allows participants from different states to trade their votes, such that Hillary voters can have their votes placed in swing states, and 3rd-party supporters in swing states can have their votes placed in uncontested states. This coordinated effort will ensure that Hillary wins the critical swing states AND allows 3rd Party candidates to receive more votes overall, giving them a better chance of reaching critical federal funding thresholds.

What is strategic voting?

Many voters today are torn between wanting to prevent a Trump presidency and backing a third party that better represents their needs. Additionally, many others have decided to vote for Hillary, but if they live in a state that is solidly red or blue their vote statistically makes no difference. Vote-trading resolves the catch-22.

On the one hand, for those in a swing state, voting for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson would dangerously increase Trump's chances of winning the Presidency. On the other hand, for those in an uncontested state, be that California or Mississippi, voting for Hillary will not affect her odds of winning one way or another. facilitates an exchange of votes: A Stein or Johnson supporter in a swing state is matched with a Hilary supporter in an uncontested state, and they trade votes——meaning the Stein or Johnson supporter votes for Hilary, while the Hilary supporter votes for Stein or Johnson.

As a result, a candidate like Jill Stein will be aided in crossing 5% of the general vote, with which the Green Party will qualify for federal funding in 2020, while ensuring that Hillary gets the votes needed, where they are needed, to defeat Trump. With vote-trading, the catch-22 becomes a win-win.

A rising tide of action rather than just opinion.

The inspiration behind the idea came from Michael Oman-Reagan who in July wrote a great piece about strategic voting and how it might be used to help frustrated progressive Bernie supporters continue to support a progressive candidate (Jill Stein) without indirectly helping Trump win the general election.

People from all over the country and even some outside of the US were galvanized into action. Initially they formed a Facebook group that was focused on vote trading to defeat Trump. A core action-orientated group led by Steve Hull coordinated first through Twitter and later via co-working platform Slack to join forces and form the basic logic & content of the site.

"We're waiting until October to match participants, because poll data will be more reliable and we'll be able to make more efficient matches with more participants in the system. That said we are working hard to sign up as many voters between now and then so we can maximize our impact come November." Says Steve, who has an extensive background in the tech startup and crowd-sourcing worlds. makes no guarantees that people who are paired will vote as directed. The whole site is founded on the principles of trust and positivity. The platform is simply to facilitate people coming together in good faith with the mutual goal of keeping Trump out of the White House. It seems to have struck a chord with many as the current platform has already needed to be upgraded once to cope with demand.

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