SNS assists UBC and Pepsi with Improving Their Logistics Operation in Kuwait

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SNS, the leading provider of supply chain solutions in the Gulf and Middle-East, is proud to announce that it has completed a supply chain assessment study for United Beverage, the franchise bottler company for Pepsi International in Kuwait.

Dubai (OPENPRESS) May 30, 2009 -- United Beverage Company K.S.C.C. was established in 1954 in Kuwait. It currently manufactures sells and distributes Pepsi Products, Aquafina purified water and Tropicana juice in all regions in Kuwait, as well as some foreign countries in the Gulf. United Beverage is now the largest carbonated soft drinks distributor in Kuwait, with a market share of over 75%.

UBC operates from a main facility, of approximately 14,000 square meters, split into a distribution center and a main manufacturing plant for finished goods. The distribution center includes a loading yard and several large and small chambers for the storage of raw materials and finished goods. In addition, UBC operates three satellite warehouses close to the main facility used for storing excess amounts of raw materials as well as a spare parts storage area with a garage for a fleet of more than 200 trucks.

SNS' study consisted of reviewing the current supply chain processes and the underlying infrastructure at UBC, detailing the challenges and difficulties observed. The objective behind this review was to provide potential solutions that will allow UBC to remove operational bottle-necks, optimize its supply network and streamline its logistics activities.

The study was conducted on three levels: Operations, Infrastructure and Organization. All warehouse operations including Receiving, QC, Putaway, Cycle Counting, Replenishment, Picking, Loading as well as Shipping were investigated at full depth based on SNS' vast experience in warehousing and logistics. Warehouse and Racking, Man-Handling-Equipment and IT Systems were also assessed to validate their suitability for the United Beverage Operation. Finally, the organizational structure was reviewed and changes were proposed to cater for the future growth of UBC's business.

"We have approached SNS for their reputation as supply chain consulting experts in the Gulf and Middle-East," said Shamsudeen Nageem, Supply Chain Manager at United Beverage. "We were very satisfied with the thoroughness of their investigations, the consistency of their assessment report and the straight-to-the-point approach in presenting their results."

"We are more than pleased to have successfully completed this project with United Beverage and Pepsi in Kuwait," said Mario Ghosn, General Manager of SNS. "We believe that this exercise has resulted in a strong partnership between both companies and laid the foundation for a fruitful future relationship."

About United Beverage
United Beverage Company K.S.C.C is the largest carbonated beverage manufacture and distributor in Kuwait. The company was formed in 1954 as an exclusive bottler for Pepsi cola beverage international in Kuwait. They manufacture and distribute full range of Pepsi Cola products: Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, 7up, Diet 7up, Mirinda, Mountain Dew, Shani in a range of different packages and sizes. They also manufacture and distribute Aquafina purified water and our local juice brands Shreen, Samar and Ghalia.

About SNS
SNS (Supply Network Solutions) is a leading provider of superior supply chain services including distribution center design, system integration and implementation, training, support, solution development and supply chain consulting. SNS provides its services to companies operating in various industries such as third party logistics, distribution, wholesale, retail and freight forwarding. SNS' cutting-edge services are delivered by a professional team of supply chain specialists with a highly customer-oriented culture.

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