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Cold Chain Fleet Management Made Easy with ColdTrak

Submitted by: Streaming Tank

2008-10-27 23:02:03

(OPENPRESS) October 28, 2008 -- ColdTrak, the leading Cold Chain vehicle tracking system from market leading GPS tracking specialists CMS SupaTrak is helping UK businesses save money on cold chain running costs thanks to the tracking applications

The cold chain monitoring solution enables fleet managers to get more control of their cold chain fleets by tracking the exact location of their vehicles whilst allowing their drivers to monitor the precise temperatures of refrigerated cargo saving them considerable costs.

In accordance to EU regulation EN 12830:1999 all cold chain businesses must now supervise the exact temperature of chilled or refrigerated goods whilst in transit ColdTrak has proven to be an indispensable business asset.

ColdTrak works using the very latest ZigBee technology and uses robust sensors that send precise temperature recordings from the refrigerated trailer to a central information hub or system in the cab with the driver. Should there be any changes in temperature the driver will be notified and the correct action can be taken.

The system uses wireless measurement sensors so there are no wires to worry about and can be installed in multiple compartments of refrigerated units connected via radio and GRPS to a recording facility on a centralised data server.

This feature is particularly beneficial to fleet managers as time-stamped temperature readings are recorded in a read-only database where each individual sensor can be mapped and tracked by office base workers as well as the driver of the refrigerated vehicle.

This also means that in addition to temperature data the ColdTrak tracking system monitors and reports the exact location of the vehicle and the speed at which it is travelling.

The sensor units utilised by the ColdTrak tracking system are all IP67 rated and are robust and moisture proof, features which are essential for the rugged logistics environment.

Each sensor has a two year battery life and meets all relevant European and British quality standards (BS EN 12830:1999) to which all cold chain managers now have a responsibility to uphold.

When asked about the potential business benefits cold chain managers can expect from the ColdTrak tracking solution, Jason Airey, Managing Director of CMS SupaTrak had this to say, "The beauty of ColdTrak is that is all fully managed by us and every component of the tracking solution is designed, deployed and hosted in-house, leaving our customers free to enjoy the benefits of a low cost, flexible tracking solution."

He continued, "ColdTrak is the most advanced cold chain solution on the market and allows business owners to meet current and new legislative requirements through one simple cost-effective package."

For more details about ColdTrak or any of CMS SupaTrak's GPS tracking solutions please visit

Contact Info

Streaming Tank
Phone: 020 7250 1827
Holborn Studios,
49/50 Eagle Wharf Road,
N1 7ED
United Kingdom

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