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The Web Hosting That Offers a Great Customer Experience

Submitted by: Singaporewebhostingguide

2011-10-15 00:04:16

(OPENPRESS) October 15, 2011 -- The online environment is highly competitive and versatile thus any successful website requires significant investments in search engine optimization, advertising, pay per click methods or whatever technique you are using but without reliable webhosting, they will not generate the expected results because it is likely to collapse in the middle of a transaction. If you put all your efforts to implement a strong marketing campaign and generate massive traffic to your website, you cannot afford to lose clients because of a broken website and finding the best web hosting should be the top of your propriety list.

Web hosting is a service that adds value to small and medium sized business as long as it is provided by an ethical and professional company. Singapore Web Hosting is one of the services that match these criteria providing a wide range of benefits for its clients. The flexibility is one of the most important characteristics because it allows you to purchase solutions that tailor your needs and goals as well as your budget. In another train of thoughts, you can now opt for business hosting, professional hosting and business pro hosting and the most appealing feature is that all these plans support a wide variety of functionalities ranging from CGI, PHP, MySQL, SSI coding and web base e-mail, to antivirus scan, sub domains, password protected directories and many others which are designed to offer the best foundation for the growth of your business.

Singapore Webhosting is based on reliable Linux and Windows systems and it is provided through state of the art servers, hardware and software. The fast and reliable servers are located in STIX-EXPAN Singapore, Asia's largest Internet backbone while the staff of the company provides permanent support for all their clients. Visiting the official website of the company, you will be able to find the right solution of webhosting for your website needs and you will be pleased to know that their hosting plans start from only $ 6.97.

About Singapore Web Hosting
Singapore Web Hosting is a service division of Silver Media Singapore which provides web hosting, e-mail hosting, domain name registration, reseller hosting, dedicated server, web design, web promotion and internet marketing as well as search engine optimization services. The company has been running businesses in the online environment for many years thus its staff has the required experience and expertise to add value to your website helping it to generate profits.

Singapore Webhosting is designed to tailor the needs of both individuals and small or medium sized companies providing affordable hosting plans. Expensive doesn't always mean better and if you surf the web, you will see that this service of webhosting is far ahead of its competitors, irrespective what criteria you consider as a reference point. In addition, the reviews of their clients prove that Singapore Web Hosting is a reliable service that offers value for each and every dollar invested in it and moreover, the staff is committed to ensure you technical and also customized and friendly support anytime you need. They guarantee for the reliability of the webhosting they provide because they are willing to create long term relationships with their clients and to offer them a great customer experience.

In addition to all the aforementioned aspects, choosing now one of the solutions provided by Singapore Web Hosting allows you to enjoy web hosting without any fee charged for a period of one year.

Address: 999 Green Flower, IM 91122, Sydney, Australia
Phone Number: 800-123 456 1111
Email :

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Phone: 2 3456 1111
999 Green Flower,
IM 91122,

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