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Mallorca Pearls In Uncompromised Quality And Affordable Prices Available This Holiday Season

Submitted by: PR Marketer

2010-12-28 14:55:48

Delray Beach, FL (OPENPRESS) December 28, 2010 - People in early days exhibited a love for pearls. In fact, approximately 100 years ago, in Manacor, the second largest town on the island of Mallorca, Spain, it occurred to some residents to produce a pearl of high quality, with a specific shine, shape and weight, similar to that of natural pearls. To make these "artificial pearls" a crystal nucleus of high density is produced, with a specific weight very similar to that of the natural fine pearl.

While the actual technique to make the "faux pearls" is a closely guarded secret, it is known that it involves a solution made from the scales of multitudes of fish. Stories reveal that the crystal nucleus is bathed in this solution, and then dried by a heated rotating wheel. This process is repeated until several layers are accumulated over the nucleus. The thickness of the layers will guarantee the quality of the pearl.

Fifteen years ago, Charlotte Burruw, aka The Pearl Lady, was drawn to Mallorca to learn all about its beautiful pearls from the initial and ending processes. There, she met the artisans who design and hand-make the lovely jewelry for the world to enjoy.

"Mallorca pearls are quite simply, perfection on a strand or as I like to call them, the Affordable Treasure," The Pearl Lady says.

These Mallorca pearls are a faithful imitation of a fine natural pearl and are famous worldwide. These pearls are superior to their natural counterparts because they are less prone to deterioration caused by perfume, make-up, nail varnish and perspiration. Mallorca pearls are famous for their superior quality and are worn by customers that demand their special characteristics due to being man-made cultured pearls that do not use oysters.

While Manacor is the place of origin for these faux pearls, it is not however the place for customers to expect a great bargain. The next best place to get Mallorca pearls - and to get a bargain - is from

At, Mallorca pearls are offered at very affordable prices. The website, features a selection of beautiful Mallorca Pearl jewelry in various sizes. Single, double and even triple strands are offered. There are also Mallorca pearl earrings, bracelets, and pearl sets that, when matched with a woman's wardrobe ensemble, makes her even more enthralling.

This Christmas, gift yourself or the elegant woman in your life with Mallorca pearls. Visit today.

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