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Talk Like a Pirate Day 2009 - AVnex Offers Pirate Enthusiasts More Ways to Celebrate the Fun Day

Submitted by: AVSoft Corp.

2009-09-15 00:12:15

(OPENPRESS) September 15, 2009 -- September 19 ach year is Talk Like A Pirate Day, but at Avnex Ltd., it won't be the only time to celebrate all things piratical. Avnex is taking advantage of this opportunity to raise everyone's awareness of this fun day and bring them, especially pirate enthusiasts, more funny ways to celebrate by offering 40% off Voice Changer Software Diamond and 20% off Voice Changer Software at This is a powerful voice processing software program that can help pirate enthusiasts talk in the voice of a pirate.

What does everyone do on Talk Like a Pirate Day? Pirate enthusiasts often gather together and hold parties or other activities. They dress like pirates using many kinds of clothes and accessories such as bandanas with attached braids and beads, jackets, shirts, waist sashes, boots, skirts, belts, pants, etc. and they compare tips on pirate costume creation. They try to act and talk like pirates, and sing loud pirate songs together. Moreover, they share their knowledge of pirates to learn more about pirate history and literature, or even buy, sell, and trade pirate themed merchandise, attend rum tasting, and watch pirate movies. More specially, pirate enthusiasts can also celebrate the mighty day online. Just dressing like pirates, sitting at a computer connected to the Internet with a webcam turned on, pirate enthusiasts can have parties or activities in cyberspace on the mighty day. To talk like a real pirate in a low and husky voice, they can get Voice Changer Software Diamond or Voice Changer Software installed, and turn it on. This voice processing software, with a library of sample voices, and Pitch and Timbre Morpher graphs, can help pirate enthusiasts choose the pirate voice they like and change their voices into pirate voices. Then they can sit at their computer and talk like pirates, or together, loudly sing their favorite pirate songs, share their knowledge of pirates and do many other things online to celebrate the day. Moreover, Voice Changer Software Diamond and Voice Changer Software work well with many common VoIP programs such as Net2Phone, SkypeOut, Vonage, etc., and many Instant Messenger programs such as Yahoo Messenger with Voice, Skype, Windows Live Messenger, AIM, etc., so they can call their friends to celebrate on this fun day, of course, in the voice of a pirate. In addition, to share their favorite pirate movies, they can try Webcam Morpher, a program allowing users to share pirate videos while chatting like pirates.

Voice Changer Software Diamond and Voice Changer Software are now on sale for the special day and the promotion program will be extended from September 14th to September 22nd. For more information on the promotion program, please visit Learn more about how to make your voice like a real pirate here. Also a chest of pirate voice samples can be found here. For more information about Webcam Morpher and other products of AVnex, please visit

Contact Info

AVSoft Corp.
Phone: +848 6290 9985
232/17, Vo Thi Sau St., Ward 7, Dist. 3
, HCMC, Vietnam

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Press Keywords: talk like a pirate day, talk like a pirate, pirate day, pirate enthusiast, talk like a pirate, talk in pirate voice
Press Company: Avnex Ltd.
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