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Sacramento's Newest Haunted House Attraction: FearOverload Opening October 2nd

Submitted by: FearOverload Premier Haunted House

2009-08-04 00:03:02

(OPENPRESS) August 4, 2009 -- FearOverload Premier Haunted House, Sacramento's newest haunted house attraction, will be cracking open its doors on October 2nd. "With all new and unique designs and scares, all who enter this truly frightful attraction will experience a new dimension of fear," says the Director of FearOverload, David Polanco. Polanco also notes that this year, FearOverload's main goal will be to attack every possible fear and to exploit as many senses as possible. Polanco says that FearOverload "plans to scare you from all angles and you will not be safe from fear even if you are standing in the middle of your group." Although FearOverload is new to Sacramento, they are far from inexperienced. With over 25 years of combined haunting experience, Polanco's lead design team is highly distinguished for their prestigious and thrilling attractions.

FearOverload Premier Haunted House opens their doors on October 2nd and runs through November 1st. FearOverload opens at 7pm each night. A complete schedule of dates and times is available on the website.

Unlike most haunted attractions, FearOverload uses no cheap scares, forced guided tours, or any reused props or scenes. Polanco believes that these aspects in many haunts diminish the attraction and make it less scary. FearOverload makes each of their scares memorable and original by exploiting multiple senses and by not letting patrons orient themselves inside the haunt. Polanco also explains that nothing is more disappointing than walking through your favorite haunted house only to recognize some of the same rooms and props from the year before. Polanco remarked that, "At FearOverload we decided to scrap everything, we're talking the full 100%, and start fresh building unique and creepy rooms with new props. Our goal is to implant fear and scare you to death. We think you will agree."

For more information, please visit FearOverload at

FearOverload Premier Haunted House
Westfield Downtown Plaza
(Above Hard Rock Café)
547 L Street
Sacramento, California 95814

Contact Info

FearOverload Premier Haunted House
Phone: 1877-554-4048
FearOverload Premier Haunted House
Inside the BayFair Mall
15555 E 14th St
San Leandro, CA 94549

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Press Company: FearOverload Premier Haunted House
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