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Eczema Treatment May Help Relieve Symptoms of ADHD

Submitted by: Meritus Media Inc

2009-03-03 13:27:32

Beverly Hills, CA (The Open Press) March 3, 2009 -- Scientists have recently discovered a link between eczema and the symptoms known collectively as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Looking at the facts, this link is not surprising in the least. Researchers are still exploring the precise nature of the relationship but, in the meantime, effective eczema treatment may help kill two birds with one stone.

The study, conducted by German researchers on roughly 3,000 young people, found that the more frequently participants saw a doctor for eczema treatment, the greater their chances of also being diagnosed with ADHD. In fact, the chance of eczema sufferers exhibiting ADHD symptoms was increased by 54% over those without eczema.

Although no definite conclusions have been reached about the nature of this relationship, some experts have suggested that coping with the scaly, itchy rashes of eczema causes sleep loss and other problems that may be the true source of or exacerbate ADHD symptoms.

Inadequate sleep has many of the symptoms normally associated with ADHD. Losing just a little sleep can cause someone to be irritable and moody and can inhibit focus and concentration. Loss of sleep can also cause you to blurt out the wrong thing at the wrong time - another common ADHD symptom.

If the sleep loss continues, slowed speech, apathy, impaired memory, lack of emotional response and an inability to multitask are added to the list.

These describe the ADHD diagnosis quite well.

But even with adequate sleep, coping with the pain and discomfort of eczema definitely influences mood, the ability to sit still, listen, focus, and function cooperatively and appropriately with others.

What can you do about it? Shielding lotion, a new breakthrough in skin care treatment, may be the answer. Here's what one eczema sufferer had to say about his results:

"Throughout the years, I have seen several doctors and been prescribed and/or recommended a long list of products and eczema treatments. I really tried my best to make the remedies work. I kept with most of these products for months even though I saw no improvement, but kept on in hopes that eventually there would be signs the product was working - but none did. The best result was that some of these products temporarily held my eczema in check, but only for a short time. Nothing has taken hold like this shielding lotion. I have never found anything that comes close to this kind of relief, in addition to the results!"

Shielding lotion is now recommended as eczema treatment by thousands of doctors.

"Shielding lotion has been successfully used in people with eczema," said Dr. Peter Helton, a board certified dermatologist practicing in Newport Beach, California. "Since using this new shielding lotion for eczema treatment, we have been able to decrease the incidence of eczema much more than we were able to do in the past."

If you or someone you care about is suffering from eczema and has ADHD symptoms, this breakthrough skin care treatment may be all you need. Peace of mind and healthy skin, in one little bottle.

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Meritus Media Inc
Phone: 626-296-6218
2400 Lincoln Ave Ste 219
Altadena, CA. 91001

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