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The High Weirdness Project: An Internet Directory of the Far Reaches Of The Web

Submitted by: First Online Church of "Bob"

2008-08-12 23:14:05

(OPENPRESS) August 13, 2008 -- A bizarre online church, in operation since 1994, is engaged in a wiki-based project (similar to Wikipedia) to categorize strange, fringe, bizarre, and Slackful sources of information.

The First Online Church of "Bob" ( has opened its doors to the public, to allow for wider exposure of the so-called "fringe elements" of our society: the strange, the weird, the blasphemous, the Slackful, and the subversive. After earning a position on the enemies' lists of various cults and white supremacist groups, the church launched its own wiki catalog of fringe groups in 2005: The High Weirdness Project.

Although it is run on wiki software, the High Weirdness Project proclaims it is not an "encyclopedia" like Wikipedia. This site is dedicated to providing readers and researchers with a gateway to many strange, unusual, useful, and above all Slackful sources of information. The High Weirdness Project does not follow a neutral point of view: its entries are deliberately biased, and they are intended to offend those who are too easily offended.

Topic covered at the High Weirdness Project include religious cults, conspiracy theories, science and pseudo-science, and extensive sections on entertainment (including cult movies and online comics).

The site has been featured as one of the top ten Google searches for "Scientology," and it is included in the list of Web sites banned by the Web filtering and censorship software distributed to Scientologists in the late 1990s. The High Weirdness Project has also become known for its exposure of such controversial groups as St. Matthew's Churches, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, Perverted Justice, and the Gentle Wind Project. For the years 2007 and 2008, the High Weirdness Project has compiled exhaustive listings of the psychic predictions for each of those years, in order to determine which predictions were genuine and which were not.

Since the wiki was founded in 2005, the High Weirdness Project has managed the daily Bulldada Newsblog: a repositorium for links to temporary news stories in the media that are Slackful and Bulldada-worthy.

In 2006, the High Weirdness Project became the primary source of information regarding the SubGenius Reverend Mary Magdalen's legal battle for custody of her son - after a New York county judge was offended by her participation in the Church of the SubGenius. (The legal battle was won and custody of Magdalen's son was returned to her in the fall of 2007, though high legal costs were incurred.)

The High Weirdness Project is open for mutants, SubGenii, Discordians, hackers, blasphemers, and other unmentionables far and wide to visit, read, and make their own contributions. All readers are free to contribute their links and reviews to whatever parts of the wiki they find appropriate - Other Mutants, Music, Books and Zines, Sex, or any other section. Because the site uses wiki software, it is being constantly updated.

The High Weirdness Project celebrated its one millionth visitor in January of 2008, and it currently consists of over two thousand separate Web pages. The site averages around one thousand visitors per day, and this number is expected to increase.

The First Online Church of "Bob" ministry has been online since April 1994, and their Web site has been in operation since May 1995. Site manager Reverend Modemac states, "We are proud to have been at the focus of various controversies involving the Church of Scientology and its war against the Internet; the net.kooks and spammers of the* newsgroups; and the great X-Day gatherings of 1998 through the present day at Brushwood - the home of Starwood."

The High Weirdness Project is based upon the SubGenius holy book High Weirdness by Mail by Rev. Ivan Stang, published in 1988.

Contact: Reverend Modemac, The High Weirdness Project
Phone: (206) 202-1311

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First Online Church of "Bob"
Phone: Not Given

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