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Announcing the UFO Report Database

Submitted by: Unexplained Phenomena

2008-03-14 00:02:10

Nashville, TN (OPENPRESS) March 14, 2008 -- Bob Bain owner of The Paranormal Forum & Unexplained Phenomena announced with great excitement of the groundbreaking new UFO Report Database powered by a solid leader in database software called vBulletin. The UFO Reports Database goes back through the entirety of the 1970's up to the current date. This one of a kind Database has been sorely missed and desired by many UFO watchers, which until now had no database to report their sightings or experiences to. The UFO Report Database also allows other individuals the right to correspond with the original reporter of the incident. Unregistered users are fully welcomed by the Unexplained Phenomena Community as registration is not a requirement. It is believed by management that unregistered users have just as much to offer & if the UFO Report Database denied reporting privileges to unregistered users then the Database would be missing a large portion of the UFO sighting spectrum.

The Unexplained Phenomena Community as a whole is a group of dedicated individuals, investigators of various fields of the Unexplained and they take seriously their role as a purveyor of information to those who require a professional community to discuss topics, report incidents, that are generally seen as being totally outside the box of normality.

It is the opinion of the founder that science is 70% theory and 30% factual. Bob Bain claims, "Scientists and Skeptics alike enjoy placing every Unexplained Phenomenon into the same type of box, the kind they can easily explain away. The problem is that the easiest answers to questions are more than likely the wrong answers to the presented question."

It is true that science is an ever revolving door of theories. What once was thought science fiction one day becomes science factual the next. Science has answers only for a short period of time, and then the answers change as knowledgebase expansively grows to new heights.

"UFOs are real, there are ours and then there are theirs." Mr. Bain continues, "Ours, I believe was reversed engineered from theirs. As we further our advancements into reverse engineering their craft - the more advanced our craft will become. When I asked my cousin who at that time was a high ranking Air Force official about his knowledge of UFOs', explaining the things I personally have witnessed, he said, 'I can't speak about ours'."

"Theirs, to quote my cousin who is now a retired Air Force official "they're crazy", and knowing him as I do - he meant it as in "Crazy technology, wild, advanced technology". But he was not allowed to really talk about it beyond giving small hints that a person would have to decode. Even to this day he can't speak on what he worked on, or seen."

Bob Bain has already filed one of his personal experiences in the UFO Report Center - to read his account of what was seen on December 13th of 2000, go over to the Unexplained Phenomena community and look through the UFO Reports for the year 2000, in the month of December.

You can find the UFO Report Database at

Contact Info

Unexplained Phenomena
Phone: 6153069936
116 Edgewood Avenue
Alexandria, TN 37012

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