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Jesus, Mary and Crucifixion Images Appear In Lemurian Coded Crystal

Submitted by: MetaMystic Publishing

2011-06-13 00:03:06

Las Vegas, NV (OPENPRESS) June 13, 2011 -- Las Vegas author, psychic and resident, Zarin is always on the lookout for information concerning ancient mysteries. Recently, however, he came face to face with a mystery that appears to have roots deep in the shrouded mists of ancient history, but discovered on the internet.

As stated by Zarin in a commentary on his "coincidental" discovery, "I went online...and in my Favorites category, while searching for a particular site I was planning to visit, I accidentally clicked on the link for Aristia Gemstones, a site out of the UK. This huge Lemurian coding crystal was on the main page. I looked at it and the face from the Shroud of Turin immediately popped out from the dark brown area in the lower right of the crystal, about a third of the way up."

"The reason I was so sure it was the face on the Shroud was because I had painted a pastel version from it many years ago and was very familiar with it. I had, just recently, contributed an article on coincidence to the site and was utterly fascinated by what was occurring."

"Upon closer scrutiny, I was able to identify the face of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, the Crucifixion and the face from the Shroud Of Turin on it. What this may mean is anyone's guess. To have any one of these images would make this crystal unique, but to have all four makes it the rarest of any object associated with an image of Jesus."

"I have created a video showing the crystal and pointing out the scenes I found within it. The video is available on my blog at"

"Lemurian coded crystals are believed to be part of a metaphysical phenomenon associated with an ancient civilization called Lemuria. A lost civilization that may have existed tens of thousands of years ago. Lemuria is said to have been centered on the island of Madagascar off Africa's eastern coast. This civilization is believed to have mysteriously disappeared because of some unknown cataclysmic causality, possibly by the eruption of the Super Volcano, Toba, in Indonesia. This super volcano exploded 70,000 years ago and is believed to have wiped out over 90% of all humans on Earth."

"Some coded crystals associated with the name Lemuria are also called "seed" crystals and can be found in Brazil and Colombia. The origin of this unique crystal, shown at, is reputedly from Madagascar."

"Coded crystals are said to assist one in restoring original soul coding and can refresh consciousness and spiritual awareness. They are believed to have vibrational resonances associated with the specific possessor and can bring soul cleansing and reconstitution of the original purpose for which a soul was created."

"But why does this particular crystal contain the key elements associated with the life of Jesus of Nazareth? His face, His mother's face, the face from the Shroud of Turin and the Crucifixion scene? Could this be a coding designed specifically for our times? To refresh the spiritual awareness espoused by Jesus? To re-invigorate our understanding and appreciation of his unique philosophy? Or could these images be seen as a preview of something about to happen. An event involving both Jesus and his mother? A warning, perhaps? Or could this just be some form of coincidence?"

"Whatever its purpose, the odds that all four of these images would show up together on the same object are astronomical."

About Zarin
Originally from Pennsylvania, Zarin was educated with an intense interest in both science and logic, as well as a great preference for history. He graduated with a Bachelor's Degree and an additional year of post graduate work at the University of Arizona. Later, he moved to Los Angeles, CA and then to Las Vegas, NV. Beginning in 2009, he began to receive information on Atlantis that was too detailed to ignore. After two years of collating, gathering and re-constructing varied pieces of Atlantis' history, he created an alliance with MetaMystic Publishing to write and publish this information in the book series, "Atlantis: A Karmic Memory of the Rise & Fall".

Book available at
A review of Atlantis: A Karmic Memory of the Rise & Fall is available at: .

Contact Info

MetaMystic Publishing
Phone: 1-702-927-5678
The MetaMystics, LLC
P.O. Box 371841
Las Vegas, NV 89137

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