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Trans Solutions - Offshore Transcription Services Provider India

Submitted by: Trans Solutions

2009-10-21 15:49:46 digg facebook Email twitter print

Trans Solutions provides Accurate & Confidential transcription services, at a competitive cost. Our high Quality transcription services will satisfy all your Medical, Legal & General Transcription needs. Medical, Legal and General Transcription services outsource to India where the transcriptionist transcribes the dictation from office or home.


Medical Transcription
A Medical Transcriptionist is a specialist in the medical language. His or her function is to edit and transcribe dictation from practitioners of health care as well as doctors. The dictation is typed in the form of records that document the care and progress of the patient. Medical Transcriptionist must also be able to translate medical jargon and abbreviations into their expanded forms.

Trans Solutions can expertly handle both Online and Offline accounts.

Legal Transcription / Legal Typing Services
Digital dictation is e-mailed directly from your PC or put on a secure FTP server, where it is transcribed by our dedicated team of experienced transcribers.
The dictated sound files could be in the wav, mp3 or any other digital format. The transcribed document is returned the same day or the very next day on your own templates, using MS Word Document.

We undertake audio transcription of:

■ General correspondence.

■ Letters to clients, other attorneys, judges, court clerks, agencies.

■ Legal pleadings.

■ Public and private inquiries.

■ Verbatim voice dictations from seminars, meetings, interviews and lectures.

■ Tribunals.

■ Depositions, Subpoenas, Briefs, Interrogatories.

■ Civil court and criminal court cases.

■ Any other type of hearing.

General Transcription
General transcription is a very specialized field which requires specialists in each industry for which the transcriptions are done. We can give you quality transcripts with a high level of accuracy for your focus group discussions, interviews and meetings, seminars, educational meetings, panel discussions, lectures, general events, shows, teleconferences and more.

Trans Solutions | Medical/Legal/General Transcription Services

Why Trans Solutions?
■ Accuracy

■ Quality

■ Competitive Cost

■ Confidentiality

High accuracy as per the industry standards is maintained.

Quality is always on the top priority for the Company at all times.

Costing of the company is always aggressive to meet the current challenges.

High security of patient data is maintained. Patient data is stored in secure password-protected location. We are fully committed to our clients and understand the concern they have regarding these issues. As Medical Record Keepers, we maintain the highest level of confidentiality that is required.

All our work is done without the patient records ever leaving our office, and all of our back-up materials are kept in Secured Servers.


We at Trans Solutions consider our employees as our biggest strength.The employees along with the Management work as a SOLID TEAM in executing the most critical data smoothly.

Strength = Highly Experienced TEAM

Average Experience of total Employees is 2.5 Years.

To adapt to the needs of a physician and generate accurate and secure medical transcripts.

Consistent Performance Tracking (CPT):
Our entire Transactions Department works to achieve two primary goals - customer satisfaction and productivity. Voice of the customer feedback is used to modify workflow and QA processes, resulting in faster turn-around-time (TAT) and improved accuracy.

Benefits you derive by associating with us:

■ Accurate Medical Transcripts: Accuracy of patient demographics and medical content is maintained in all reports, and comply with International standards of Quality.

■ Complete Information Security: Our staff, technical and physical infrastructure complies with the confidentiality agreement and work agreement.

■ Timely Delivery-From 12 hrs STAT reports to 24 hrs.

Trans Solutions | Offshore Transcription Services

Contact Info

Trans Solutions
Phone: Not Given
Mayur Vihar - III,

New Delhi - 110096

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