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Trade Genie Offers In-Depth Courses on Trading Mastery

Submitted by: Trade Genie Inc.

2021-04-07 00:01:41 digg facebook Email twitter print

Trade Genie is a trading and education platform dedicated to helping individuals trade effectively and creating infinite wealth. Trade Genie offers various in-depth courses for traders

(OPENPRESS) Trade Genie is pleased to announce they are offering in-depth courses on trading mastery to help individuals learn to trade stocks and options more successfully. Trading classes are created and taught by Master Trader Mr. Noshee Khan.

Khan made his fortune in stocks and options and has a deep passion for trading. In fact, despite his level of wealth, he continues to trade daily. He created Trade Genie to transfer his wealth of knowledge and experience to other traders through various trading courses. Successful traders spend years or even decades completing intensive research and going through a lot of trial and error to find the trading methods and strategies that work best. However, by enrolling in Trade Genie's courses, traders can rapidly reduce their learning curve and develop their trading system. These trading systems produce results.

Even though Khan is a Master Trader, he also has a gift for explaining the trading process in a concise and easy-to-understand way. Through his course, traders learn specialized knowledge obtained through more than two decades of trading experience. Traders learn to remove countless trading mistakes they commit every day, thus significantly improving trading results. By using Khan's methodology, individuals can learn to trade more effectively and build their wealth rapidly.

During the training, traders gain access to specialist trading knowledge and expertise. By using this information, traders execute the most lucrative trades without trial and error. Traders also learn the most common pitfalls they experience to help them develop strategies that maximize gains and reduce losses. With this information, traders quickly find that their course fee has paid for itself and the return on investment is astronomical.

Using a successful model already developed by a Master Trader Noshee, individuals who are new to trading will see extraordinary success beyond what they could achieve on their own in the early stages of their trading journey.

Trade Genie has launched a new course to help traders succeed. The name of the course is "Mastering the Markets — Duplicating Success." In this course, traders learn crucial factors in trading success, trading system control components, the most critical steps in executing a successful trade, evaluating trading performance, and secrets to creating unlimited wealth. They also learn to identify low-risk trades and how and why trading disasters occur, and how to avoid these disasters. Traders also learn to implement the law of attraction to create infinite wealth for themselves and their loved ones.

Noshee Khan's goal is to help traders face their challenges and improve their trading success from the start, rather than struggling on their own to find the best strategy. Each student receives a list of top traders' resources and specific action items at the end of each training session to implement their trading strategy and thus see immediate results.

Anyone interested in learning about these in-depth trading courses can find more by visiting the Trade Genie website or by emailing

Trade Genie is a trading and education platform dedicated to helping individuals trade effectively and creating infinite wealth. Trade Genie offers various in-depth courses for traders at all levels, from beginners to more experienced traders. Started by Master Trader Noshee Khan, the company brings decades of trading experience and research to other traders.

Company : Trade Genie Inc.
Contact No : 212-408-3000
Contact Email :
Address :315 South Coast Highway 101,Encinitas, CA 92024 USA
Website :

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Trade Genie Inc.
Phone: 212-408-3000
315 South Coast Highway 101,Encinitas, CA 92024 USA

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