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This Halloween, Kids Discover Nothing to Fear: Signing Parties for Cynthia Gustavson

Submitted by: Offsite Business Solutions

2009-10-22 00:10:09 digg facebook Email twitter print

This Halloween, children's author Cynthia Gustavson will launch her new book with a signing event at Steve's Sundry, Books & Magazines in Tulsa, Oklahoma, showing kids that there's nothing to fear from so-called 'scary' people.

(OPENPRESS) October 22, 2009 -- Cynthia Blomquist Gustavson will be launching her new children's book, 'Ballad of the Rag Man' (Blooming Twig Books, NY, 2009) with a book signing at Steve's Sundry, Books & Magazines (2612 South Harvard, Tulsa, Oklahoma) on Saturday, October 31st, from 11am to 1pm. A second book signing for 'Ballad of the Rag Man' will be held at Borders (8015 South Yale, Tulsa, Oklahoma) on Saturday, November 7th, at 2pm.

Illustrated by Kristina Tosic with brilliant coloring and imagery, the book is written in rhyme for preschool and elementary aged children. Gustavson, a Tulsa-based psychotherapist and poet, also wrote the book to teach parents NOT to instill in their children fear of people who are different from them. A second theme in the book is to reduce, recycle and reuse. Clothed in beautiful rags, the Rag Man collects cast-off items that others don't find valuable. He collects them in heaps outside his home, walking through the streets of his little town with a cart. Nothing escapes his attention. To him, nothing is junk. A little girl watches the Rag Man from a distance as he takes her old, cast-off teddy bear, and she follows him to his mysterious shop, and wonders what will happen with her well-worn toy. Much to her surprise, the Rag Man repairs her teddy bear, and brings it back to her. The colorful, profound and moving artwork in this collection is both real and imaginative - children will step into another world, but still root themselves firmly on the ground. They will, like the little girl, be watching the Rag Man. And they will learn an important lesson about judging others before they get to know them.

The Rag Man Project website developed for 'Ballad of the Rag Man' ( will include both a parent guide and teacher curriculum for the book, as well as an ongoing writing contest and YouTube video competition (both individual and school-based) for people to submit their own stories about others who they once considered different, but whom they got to know and love.

Gustavson is a poetry editor for Nimrod, and author of the six workbooks in the 'In-Versing Your Life' series (Blooming Twig Books, NY, 2006) which use poetry for self-discovery and healing.

Blooming Twig Books ( publishes approximately ten titles per year, and represents them nationally and internationally. Its exclusive distributor in the United States and Canada is Cardinal Publishers Group.

Jamie Gough, Publicity
Blooming Twig Books LLC

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Offsite Business Solutions
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