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  Tuesday, August 16th 2022 - 3:06am EDT
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The 1st Holographic Digital Comic And Titles From 30 Countries Are Nominees At New Media Film Festival

Submitted by: New Media Film Festival

2020-06-08 00:01:54 digg facebook Email twitter print

Multiple creatives examine entrepreneurship, drug addiction, psychedelic narratives, companionship, and Pop Surrealism as part of the 11th New Media Film Festival

(OPENPRESS) Announcing a new and innovative premiere lineup — which includes a digital holographic comic book, an animated film, a podcast, and a documentary that explore an array of topics dealing with the human experience —that will be screened during the 11th New Media Film Festival, with new dates of Feb. 3 & 4 2021

The New Media festival, part of the United Nations Millennium Project, was launched as an annual event during the 2009 C3: Center for Conscious Creativity "Immerse in the Future" symposium held in Los Angeles. The festival is the brainchild of media futurist and current president of Select Services Films Inc., Susan Johnston. She saw the need for a unique event specifically catering to new media content artists that would "look at new technologies and how it merges with the story so people can go on the journey the story set out to create." The result is a film festival that the organizers say creates "new opportunities outside the norm to bolster creators in media."

A sampling of nominees include:
Title: Maldacena: A Mirror For The Real
Director: Jake Adams
Country: USA, United Kingdom
World Premiere
The world's first digital holographic comic book is here! Maldacena: MFR is a multi-dimensional journey
projected via holographic display that juxtaposes an emotional narrative with a psychedelic conceptualization of itself.

Title: Yukon Calling
Director: Samantha Bode
Country: USA
World Premiere
Over the course of sixty days, nine strangers paddle the length of the third longest river in North America, discovering beauty in the chaos.

Title: Holy Night
Director: Casey Stein
Country: USA
L.A. Premiere
An interactive story of how a preacher, a grandmother, and a teenager all struggle to stay connected to their community during Christmas despite their destructive relationship to prescription drugs.

Title: Unleash Your Supernova Podcast
Director: Nova Lorraine
Country: USA
World Premiere
Interviews with the gutsiest creative entrepreneurs around the globe sharing tips, hacks and words of wisdom to inspire listeners to unleash their inner brilliance. Episode - Attention Changes Everything.

Title: Where Did All The Squirrels Go?
Director: Xiaoyue Liu
Country: USA
L.A. Premiere
A behind the scenes look at an installation project that incorporates 2D illustration, 3D animation and digital fabrication comes together. Based on the artists personal experience, it illustrates the lonely life of an imaginative girl and her illusory friends. Memories and feelings blending with curious nonsense, the art direction is inspired by Pop Surrealism paintings.

There are 25 competitive categories to submit to that collectively celebrate a broad spectrum of storytelling, from Classics such as Documentary and Features to Web Series, Drone, Mobile, AR, VR and more. Creators vie for $45,000 in Awards; Judges are from FOX, Marvel, HBO, Emmys, Grammys and other Industry Leaders. The festival will be held at The Landmark 10850 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90064

"Top 6 festivals for content creators" — Backstage Magazine
"Stories that exemplify the power of the cinematic arts to inspire and transform" —Los Angeles Times- Hero
"Makes the Cutting Edge Accessible"— Huffington Post
"Worth The Entry Fee"- Movie Maker Magazine
"I thank NewMediaFF for what they've done for young filmmaker. Director Roger Corman
"The role of this fest is bringing the Best in New Media to the World"-Festival World
In addition to film screenings, the festival will have panel discussions, Q&A sessions, an International art exhibit, Red Carpet, VIP Soiree and other engaging events. Find out more at

Contact Info

New Media Film Festival
Phone: 3102881100
2355 Westwood Blvd. 381 Los Angeles CA 90064

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Press Company: New Media Film Festival
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