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Taxidermy Passions Introduces A Free Dating Social Network For Taxidermists & Taxidermist Groupies

Submitted by: Passions Network Inc.

2014-04-01 00:01:24 digg facebook Email twitter print

While some may think that Taxidermy Passions would be a great place to discuss stuffing techniques, Taxidermists prefer to use the term 'mounting' whether you are looking for help stuffing or mounting, Taxidermy Passions is the place for you.

(OPENPRESS) Do you think online dating & social networking is dying? Not a chance. In fact, the launch of Taxidermy Passions proves that niche dating & social networking sites are thriving.

With the motto 'Why Say Goodbye?', Taxidermy Passions hopes to connect Taxidermists, Taxidermy lovers & Taxidermist Groupies in a site specifically built to meet their exacting needs. While all of the usual online dating and social networking features are present, there are additional features within our site that are specific to Taxidermy.

Members not only enjoy the expected free online personals, blogs, forums, chat & streaming webcam options, but they can also browse the 'Taxidermy Groups' to find others based on any number of Taxidermy related similarities. For example, members can find others who identify as an amateur taxidermist, an expert taxidermist or a taxidermist groupie (yes, you read that right). Members can also find others based on what type of taxidermy they prefer, artistic taxidermy, traditional taxidermy or rogue taxidermy.

Basically, members are able to surround themselves with people who share their passion for Taxidermy. While it may be outside the interests of the general population, it is an area of interest that requires a great deal of technique and skill, and what better place to meet others for tips and tricks, than a social network built specifically for the 'Taxidermy community'.

Independent of the Taxidermy Groups mentioned above, members can also enjoy a Taxidermy video directory, a Taxidermy website directory, and a Taxidermy library.

Basically, as part of the Passions Network network of free online dating sites, Taxidermy Passions hopes to make it easier for anyone and everyone interested in the artistry of Taxidermy to meet online. The underlying concept within Passions Network is that it should be easier to 'break the ice' if you share something in common, especially if the 'something' is as unique as an interest in Taxidermy. Here's hoping that Taxidermy Passions brings together large groups of people who share their tips on the best way to mount.

Contact Info

Passions Network Inc.
Phone: 212-766-1999
511 6th Avenue #274
New York, NY 10011

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