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Rescufy Launches Anaphylaxis Emergency Mobile App For People Who Live With Life Threatening Allergies

Submitted by: Rescufy LLC

2016-06-29 00:01:21 digg facebook Email twitter print

Rescufy LLC has launched a new mobile app designed for people who live with life threatening allergies that can lead to anaphylaxis. The award-winning app streamlines multiple anaphylaxis action plan steps into the tap of one button, including communicating directly with 911 and EMS responders.

Philadelphia, PA (OPENPRESS) Rescufy LLC has announced the launch of its Android and iOS app for single-button, multi-function emergency notification for people with life threatening allergies that can lead to anaphylaxis. Rescufy simplifies and expedites the process of notifying first responders and emergency contacts, and shares critical allergy and medical information, in the event of an allergic reaction emergency.

When a user activates the Rescufy button on their smart phone home screen, the app sends your street address and GPS coordinates to emergency contacts via SMS text indicating you are having a severe allergic reaction, automatically dials 9-1-1 so you or a bystander can relay information about your condition, allergies and medical information and provides your key information on-screen to emergency room personnel in case you are incapacitated. Rescufy, winner of University of Pennsylvania's prestigious AppItUP mobile application idea challenge, is the first app for this type of scenario to use a phone's GPS capability in this way.

For David Edwards, founder of Rescufy, the purpose behind the app is personal. He and his wife, Rachel, are parents to a seven-year-old boy with a severe allergy to tree nuts. If exposed, his allergic response can range from hives to anaphylaxis, a condition that causes the airways to constrict and, if untreated, can result in death. The Edwards have educated themselves about the allergy, always carry an EpiPen® and have rehearsed the steps they will need to take if their son has an allergic reaction. They worry, however, about what will happen if they miss a step or forget to communicate an important detail to emergency responders. David knew there had to be a simpler way to ensure expedited help and peace of mind.

"We need a reliable and fast way to reach 9-1-1 and our emergency contacts in the event of anaphylaxis so we can focus on the care and comfort of our son," says Edwards. "With Rescufy, we've simplified the process of notifying first responders, emergency contacts, and sharing medical information. We know that if we have a problem, we can get the help we need with just one step."

Approximately 50 million Americans are at risk of anaphylaxis, and 1 in 13 children (approximately two children in every classroom) suffer from severe food allergies. Rescufy's mission is to bring some peace of mind to this ever-growing community that in the event of an emergency they have a simple way to get the help they need, when they need it.

Rescufy is now available for download on Apple and Android devices. For more information, visit

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Rescufy LLC
Phone: 3124982599

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