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Redclays Capital Investment In Crowdnext Fintech Company

Submitted by: Redclays Capital

2016-11-19 00:01:00 digg facebook Email twitter print

Redclays Capital investment in Crowdnext Fintech Company

(OPENPRESS) Redclays Capital investment in Crowdnext Fintech Company Posted by admin on November 15, 2016. Redclays Capital a Venture Capital firm recently invested in a Crowdfunding Company in India, Crowdnext Online Services ( managed by Mr. Rajasekhar SN. Redclays Capital will hold 49% of stake in Crowdnext for undisclosed amount.

Mr. Srini Chakwal, Founder & Managing Director Redclays Capital a Private Equity Fund with a size of US 100 Million and with a focus to invest in emerging markets. Redclays Capital is a Private Equity and Venture Capital group that invests in early stage to expansion companies.

His in-depth understanding of market dynamics, competitive intelligence in tracking current and future portfolio developments help in chalking long-term growth strategies for portfolio companies. Identifying and executing strategic initiatives for portfolio companies and helping them enhance shareholder value all come well endorsed. Design and implementation of Private Equity and Hedge Fund strategies is his forte.

Redclays Capital is a Private Equity and Venture Capital group that invests in early stage to expansion companies. Redclays Capital invests in unflappable entrepreneurial spirit, which mirrors a strong potential to grow exponentially, both in revenues and profits.

Redclays Capital a fast emerging venture capital firm founded with a vision to empower entrepreneurs across Industries to build and innovate. The most significant advantage is the strength of its experience in the industries that it invests in. Redclays Capital only engages in industry sectors wherein its team has intimate knowledge and extensive experience.

We proactively focus our efforts within the most promising companies independent of stage of business maturity and bring more than funding to the table. Our insight into market dynamics, competitive intelligence, and defining long-term growth strategies all come well endorsed. We blend the investment approach and ability of a totally self-determining Private Equity firm with unique access to vast geographic and industry resources.

I was fortunate enough to chat with Mr. Srini Chakwal,the creative force behind Crowd Next and ask some questions.

1. Please tell me the concept for Crowdnext Online Services ( is the Next Generation Indian Crowdfunding Platform where new business ideas are supported. When mixed with the seed amount of creativity and intent, these ideas are uplifted through our CrowdNext platform.

Our latest cutting edge technology software drives our CrowdNext platform peer-to-peer marketplace that can help businesses access fast and simple finance, whilst investors have the prospective to earn superior returns by lending to them. It directly connects people and micro to small sector who want to lend, with vetted, credit worthy established businesses who want to borrow, thus eliminating conventional banking.

2. Why did Redclays Capital decide to invest in early stages to expansion companies?
Redclays Capital focuses on early stage and expansion companies. We see high growth in these companies, with fair valuation comparing later stage company, early stage entrepreneur are passion driven, we strengthen with our value added investment to sheer these to superior level.

3. What opportunities does Redclays Capital offer to early stage expansion companies?
Apart from the capital, we provide debt restructuring and access through US capital markets, for further expansion, work along with our invested companies for an IPO listing with an increase in valuation.

4. How can companies apply for Redclays Capital financial services?
We're working with various investment bankers, for the deal flow, we screen the proposal which suits our investment criteria. Currently, we're looking to invest in Fintech, Clean Energy and Technology Companies.

Contact Info:
Redclays Capital Pvt Ltd
Level 15, Concorde Towers,
'UB City', Vittal Mallya Road
Bangalore 560001, India.
Tel No: 91-80-67590477
Fax No: 91-80-67590400

Media Contact
Company Name: Crowdnext Online Service Ptd Ltd
Contact Person: Media Manager
Phone: 91-80-26720453
Address:607, Dr. Muthuraj Road
City: Bangalore
State: KT
Country: India

Contact Info

Redclays Capital
Phone: +91-80-67590477
Level 15,Concorde Towers,
'UB City', Vittal Mallya Road,
Bangalore 560001, India.

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