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Protecting Our Clients Is Our Mainstay

Submitted by: Twisted Media Solutions, LLC.

2014-09-14 00:01:24 digg facebook Email twitter print

The threat of NTP and DDOS attacks launched from individuals and bot nets have far outgrown the expected life span of such, they attack randomly, something that we here at Twisted Media have experienced.

(OPENPRESS) We at Twisted Media Solutions, having been an internet-based audio streaming company for the past year and 4 months and still running, understand very well the danger that exists here in our business "world". We have had experiences like these in the past, but this most recent assault has given us just cause to make our stance known.

In our industry, ports are gold and our server is the gold mine. Security is paramount which led to the choosing of our dedicated host. On the Anniversary of a very somber day in the United States, an attack was launched on our media server.

At 7pm PST, an attack was launched which resulted in a very sever data spike on our server, quick reaction from our own technicians and our hosts technicians led to a temporary block to avoid any further damage other than the 30 minute outage that we experienced.

Due to the diligence of our technicians and the technicians at the data center in which our servers reside, Twisted Media now understands how far and how much we are willing to go in distance for our client's safety and the continuation of our business.

We view this attack very seriously yet we also understand that this was a benchmark for our company, it demonstrated our abily to pull together and work with our data center to properly facilitate and mitigate the situation to the best of our ability.

The security of our clients is paramount to us as a business; as such we will offer nothing less than the best in what we can offer. Our clients have come to depend on us for more than just a DJ stream, they have come to know our technical department as a rock solid organization within our company and we will continue to be diligent for any further attacks or breaches of security solely for the benefit of those clients.

Contact Info

Twisted Media Solutions, LLC.
Phone: 253-348-5288
17 Edgewood Drive
Belmont, NH 03220

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