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Powerwallet Plus Introduces New Financial Wellness Strategic Partnership With Benefit Consultants Nationwide

Submitted by: PowerWallet Plus

2016-04-28 00:01:04 digg facebook Email twitter print

After celebrating the successful launch of their white-label financial wellness solution earlier this year, the team behind PowerWallet Plus has now made its innovative platform available to benefit consultants!

(OPENPRESS) After celebrating the successful launch of their white-label financial wellness solution earlier this year, the team behind PowerWallet Plus has now made its innovative platform available to benefit consultants (as well as companies offering full benefit platforms) across the country. This mutually beneficial strategic partnership is ahead of its time, and opens the door for companies and consultants alike to move away from the fragmented employee management platforms obstructing their financial wellness goals.

"All-in-one" benefit platforms for employees are few and far between. 60% of such initiatives still lack full integration — an incredibly frustrating statistic for those wanting to keep up with the snowballing fintech and financial wellness trends of 2016. The two industries are two of the most promising ones this year, and the PowerWallet Plus personal financial management solution is a perfect solution to the huge increase in demand for an easily integrated financial wellness platform. In addition, it allows benefits consultants to gain a competitive advantage and earn significant referral fees while aligning themselves with the financial wellness goals of their client base.

Understandably, those involved in the development of the leading fintechPowerWallet Plus platform are excited about the potential success of this new strategic business partnership. It offers an easy, relevant and effective solution to personal financial management coupled with a flexible user interface, allowing it to be easily white-labeled and easily incorporated within any company platform. And now benefits consultants can reap all these benefits - while earning significant referral fees at the same time.

Cris Frankel, President of PowerWallet Plus, is confident that this recent development will produce revolutionary results for the financial wellness industry. "Until recently, health & benefits have been a confusing space," he says, "Fragmented employee management platforms make focusing on employees a challenge. Yes, many incorporate onboarding, online benefits, payroll and ACA compliance — but what about personal financial wellness for employees? Our solution is affordable, easy to use, and works for all your customers. Benefits consultants and companies can offer it as a standalone product, or easily integrate our solution through our flexible API, making today's platforms a truly all in one experience."

Free short demos of the PowerWallet Plus platform are available now, and those who schedule a demo will be entered into a drawing to win a $250 gift card! Schedule your short demo here:

Media Contact:
Cris Frankel, President
Tel: 954-377-9468

Contact Info

PowerWallet Plus
Phone: 9543779468
6360 NW 5th Way, Suite 310

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