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Photo By Dirk Hooper With Model Buck Angel Selected For Kinsey Art Show

Submitted by: Sexy Networking

2014-05-16 00:01:40 digg facebook Email twitter print

Photographer Dirk Hooper has a photo featuring Buck Angel that has been selected for the Kinsey Institute's 2014 Juried Art Show.

Oklahoma City, OK (OPENPRESS) A photo by fine-art photographer Dirk Hooper featuring gender icon Buck Angel that has been chosen for the Kinsey Institute's 2014 Juried Art Show. Jurors have selected over 90 works of art for the show. The show opens to the general public on Saturday, May 17th in the Grunwald Gallery of Art at Indiana University.

Photographer Dirk Hooper said, "My photography, in general, is about magnifying a fantasy persona, or elevating subjects by emphasizing their strengths. I tell subjects that I want to present the person you are on Halloween, not the person you are in day-to-day life. My photos tend to have an erotic or fetish quality, but I want to stimulate your mind, not your naughty bits." About Buck Angel, Hooper added, "I created the setting and chose the aesthetic look of this photo to present a timeless iconic visual to match Mr. Angel's iconic presence."

The Kinsey Institute's Juried Art Show will be open Saturday, May 17th through Saturday, July 12th. The show will be at the Grunwald Gallery of Art, located at 1201 E 7th St. at Indiana University in Bloomington Indiana. More information about the show is available online at:

If you are interested in more information or an interview with Dirk Hooper, please contact More information about Dirk Hooper or his work is available at

The Kinsey Institute Juried Art Show premiered in April 2006 in the Kinsey Institute Gallery. The 9th annual juried show will be held this summer at the Grunwald Gallery of Art on the Indiana University campus. The internationally known competition gives artists the opportunity to exhibit their work at one of the premiere spaces for contemporary art in the Midwest. The artworks cover a range of themes, including sex, gender, eroticism, reproduction, sexuality, romantic relationships, the politics of sex and gender, the human figure, and sexual health.

Buck Angel is a female to male transsexual adult film star, who has traveled the world spreading his message of self-acceptance to places as diverse as Yale University, Idea City, Spike TV, The Tyra Banks Show and the Howard Stern Show. Buck Angel is redefining gender and educating an entire generation on the fluidity of sexuality. Since Buck coined the phrase "It's not what's between your legs that defines your gender," the term has become an anthem for men and women everywhere who have been inspired by his message of acceptance.

Dirk Hooper is an international fantasy and fetish photographer, fine artist, and writer whose work has been described as "forbidden tales to rival the likes of H.P. Lovecraft and the Marquis de Sade." Dirk's publishing credits include such diverse media as comic books, music projects, art books like "Fetish Fantasies: The Best of International Fetish Photography" and slick fetish magazines like "Skin Two Magazine."

Hooper has cultivated a reputation as a fine-artist in established venues including the prestigious Fred Jones Jr. Art Museum and the Orange County Center for Contemporary Arts. As a fetish photographer, his work has been shown in exhibitions like "the Dirty Show" in Detroit and around the world in Brussels, Belgium, Utrecht, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, China and Bournemouth, England. Hooper has work in the permanent collection of The Kinsey Institute based at Indiana University and has participated in three shows curated by the Kinsey Institute. His work is also in the permanent collection of the Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago, Illinois.

Dirk Hooper a host and Executive Producer of "The Fetish Show" radio program, co-founder of alternative modeling site Toxic Goddess, and actively helps performers and creators with personal branding through his Sexy Networking consultation business.

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Sexy Networking
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Sexy Networking
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