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Penguin 5 Released with the Latest Spam Filtering Algorithm

Submitted by: Worldwebexperts

2013-11-13 00:01:08 digg facebook Email twitter print

With the latest update on Google's Penguin Spam Filtering Algorithm going live it adds to the Penguin 5 by our count however the point here is that the Penguin Update is making use of the improvised version of Google's Penguin 2 the second generation technology.

New York, NY (OPENPRESS) Google Web Spam Team head Matt Cutts stated that the novel release of Penguin is going to have near about one percent impact on all the searches. Further to it Matt Cutts adds by saying that Penguin is what it was during its launch and does not actually change with the updated release or add on any new enhancements.

Wondering Why Penguin 5 and Penguin 2.1?

When the giant search engine Google released the "Google Panda" algorithm which was meant for accommodating the fight against low quality content it was merely known as "Panda" but when the second release of this algorithm came out it was referred to as "Panda 2". When the third release of the Panda algorithm came out people named it as "Panda 3" but then Google objected to this and said that since the changes from the previous release are just minor this should be referred to as "Panda 2.1" as they wanted to indicate how minor the change was. Google then in the long run and lately defined that a Google Panda Release 3 has taken place and caused the numbering sequence to move from Panda 3.0, Panda 3.1 and so on till several minor changes were made and it hit the Panda 3.92 update.

It was then people decided that it is easier if they just number sequence a confirmed update in sequence whenever the updates come in. Regardless of the fact that how small or big the updates are they just give it the next sequence number on the list such as Penguin 1, Penguin 2 and so on.

All Thanks to Google for the Numbering Sequence Annoyance

This is was not at all a problem and worked well with the Penguin 4 for the reason that Google characteristically did not give any numbers to these updates they just used to announce that there is an update and people used to add a number to it. Nevertheless when Penguin 4 came into existence Google actually wanted to give importance to the fact that it was using a major change in how Penguin actually functions thus Google named it as Penguin 2 though there already existed references to Penguin 2.Thus the novel update today is duplicated as Penguin 2.1 so apparently it can be termed as a minor change to the preceding Penguin Filter which was being used earlier. Nevertheless Google adds to it by saying that if this change is having an impact on one percent of the queries then it is more significant than what Google will have thought out to be similar minor updates as that of Penguin 1.1 and Penguin 1.2.

How to tackle the latest Penguin update?

Sunny Jacob, online marketing consultant from WorldWebExperts says, 'For people who are new to the concept of Penguin they need to understand that Penguin is a an integral part of the Google Search Algorithm which looks for websites at regular intervals that are expected to spam Google's Search Results whilst ranking well.' Specifically this applies to websites that possibly will have purchased paid links. If you want to know whether you have been hit by Penguin or not in that case you are likely to know this very soon when you see a drop in the site traffic sooner today or tomorrow.

If in case you were previously hit by the Penguin update and have taken the necessary steps to fix them in that case tomorrow and today are the days for you to watch as you can see improvements in your site traffic which is an indication that you have escaped the Penguin.

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