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Open Source Fights Back Against Nsa & Gchq Mass Surveillance

Submitted by: GadgetNet LLC

2016-04-13 00:01:57 digg facebook Email twitter print

The right to privacy is a basic human right. Streembit creates a free, secure, decentralised, peer to peer, open source system that secures your real time communication.

(OPENPRESS) We are a group of open source software developers based in the United Kingdom and we have created an NSA-surveillance-proof application for journalists, civil rights activists, professionals, libertarians and all users who are concerned about their privacy and secure communication.

The software is called Streembit and the application website is at It is completely free to use and displays no advertisements on the user interface. No registration is required, in fact not even an email address is needed to use the software. Functionalities include decentralized, end-to-end encrypted peer-to-peer video and audio chat, and securely handling of Internet of Things devices. The software is fully open sourced and available for peer review so that researchers and cryptographers can verify that there are no backdoors present in the system. The application is a true peer to peer system and decentralised. This means that there's a notable absence of the usual centralized corporate data-mining the activity of the users. This also means the system cannot be the subject of law enforcement subpoenas. The application collects no data from users, therefore nothing can be surrendered to law enforcement.

We welcome users to download the software at, review it and start using it. Software developers can join us to make the application better.

Contact Info

GadgetNet LLC
Phone: +44 7557126881
40 Warwick Road
Lower Bullingham
United Kingdom

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Industry: Computer: Security Read more from this Industry
Press Keywords: privacy security open source peer-to-peer P2P decentralized
Press Company: GadgetNet LLC
Press Site:


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