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Official Claims Filed, Fiduciary Administrator Spotted and Continued Market Turbulence

Submitted by: SI Investment Group

2018-11-01 11:53:23 digg facebook Email twitter print

Today, the first two of what is expected to be thousands of claims were filed in the Federal Republic of Germany, State of Hessen, Frankfurt-am-Main Court of Appeals.

(OPENPRESS) Today, the first two of what is expected to be thousands of claims were filed in the Federal Republic of Germany, State of Hessen, Frankfurt-am-Main Court of Appeals. These claims are related to the 2007 settlement agreement signed by Dr. Jurgen-Peter Graf and under the current judicial supervision of Dr. Roman Poseck. Additional claims can be expected to be filed starting in the coming days.

The cascading effect of certain funds being removed from international trading continues to roil the markets, increasing the losses daily. It also appears that the shutdown of the operational platform used by a certain government is depleting their surpluses quickly.

We raise these questions again:

What can be done to immediately re-stabilize the markets?

2. What intervention is required to halt the downward spiral?
3. Who needs to be contacted to reactivate trading of the operational platform?
4. What can be done to avoid this occurrence from repeating in the future to greater affect?
5. How could this have been avoided in the first place?

Could this have been avoided if the current judicial overseer had demanded a certain fiduciary administrator perform his designated duties? If the judge is unable to locate the administrator, allow these clues to assist.

He is located:

1. In a small chalet,
2. In a jurisdictionally disputed region of the country,
3. In the long morning shadow of a World Heritage Site,
4. Surrounded by vegetable stands and vineyard.

This press release is being distributed to over 1,600 media outlets, rating services and political representatives. For further information go to the website Click on "contact" and leave a message, a representative will get back to you shortly. Copies of all court filing are available upon request.

This press release is issued as lawful public notice. If you would like to be removed from our list please go to the website, click on contact, enter contact information and type unsubscribe on the subject line.

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SI Investment Group
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Press Company: SI Investment Group
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