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Noah's Ark Discovered On Mt Ararat

Submitted by: John Benjamin Sciarra

2014-04-01 00:01:19 digg facebook Email twitter print

Just published: NOAH by John Benjamin Sciarra

(OPENPRESS) A new book, NOAH, has been released by John Benjamin Sciarra. Global warming finally reveals the massive remains uncovered from its century's long tomb. Will the mountain, called Agri Dagh—Mountain of Pain, give up its treasure? What effect will its discovery have on the already divisive influences on earth? How would you feel if you were the one that discovered the most sought after icon in human history?

Author John Benjamin Sciarra had this to say about the release of his novel NOAH, "After seeing the movie, "Noah", recently released in the theaters, I decided that it was a good time to release my novel, twenty years in the making." His story focuses on finding the ark in modern times while providing glimpses into the past paralleled in the story. The movie, Noah, deviates from the holy writings considerably, whereas the novel sticks to the biblical one.

Sciarra continued, "With global warming so much in the news, it seemed a credible idea that the ark might become exposed. Many stories revolve around the mystery of Noah's Ark and Mt Ararat. Noah, my novel, delves into the history and how it ties in with the Armenian people, who claim to be direct descendants of Noah. The political unrest in the region, the greed of those bent to acquire the ark for personal gain and the intrigue of the mountain itself that takes on the persona of an entity protecting the ark. All come crashing together in a story more incredible and action packed than movie.

"A love that transcends culture and a mysterious box discovered on the mountain, all add to a rich, emotional action packed adventure that is as exciting as the journey that Noah and his family took thousands of years ago."

NOAH is now available on Coming to Kindle soon.

Contact Info

John Benjamin Sciarra
Phone: 8609619374
Website: Not Given
246 Meridian St
Groton, CT 06340

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Press Keywords: Noah, Noah's Ark, flood, Mt Ararat,Bible, Noah's flood
Press Company: John Benjamin Sciarra


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