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New Military Uniform Accessories for Sale

Submitted by: I-Newswire

2011-12-30 13:30:19 digg facebook Email twitter print

Military Uniform Supply Inc. has just rolled out another new collection of military uniform patches and accessories for sale.

Pekin, Illinois (OPENPRESS) December 29, 2011 - The inventory of new military uniform products at Military Uniform Supply, Inc. is constantly expanding to fulfill the needs of many branches and units of the U.S. Army and Military.

There is a two-fold demand for unique military uniform accessories, such as Army unit patches and insignia. The first quality is the uniqueness of the particular army unit, such as the 11th Signal Brigade or the 35th Infantry Division. Members of the service must acquire the exact patch that distinguishes his or her unit of the Army, which can be one amongst hundreds. In the case of insignia, the rank must reflect that of the soldier's status in the Army.

The second demand for U.S. Army unit patches and military uniform accessories is the camouflage pattern in which the patch is embroidered. Service members must wear a color or camouflage patch that resembles their uniform, such as ACU unit patches or MultiCam patches.

Military uniform accessories like these are what make Military Uniform Supply, Inc. one of the most trusted and well-respected suppliers. The company specializes in unique Army unit patches and has recently unveiled over 11 new products to cater to various units of the Army.

In the line-up of new products are several MultiCam patches, including the 470th Military Intelligence Brigade MultiCam OCP patch and the 648th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade MultiCam OCP patch. These MultiCam patches are manufactured to U.S. Military specifications and are well priced at $6.50 USD.

Also a new treasure that Military Uniform Supply Inc. has just added to its inventory is the 204th Engineer Battalion Distinctive Unit Insignia. The pair of distinctive unit insignia read the Battalions motto: "Build, Defend, Overcome." They are packaged at $18.00 and may be available in discount bulk pricing.

Be sure to check out these new military uniform products at The company has a wide inventory of items for MultiCam uniforms as well as accessories for the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) and Airman Battle Uniform (ABU). Not only does Military Uniform Supply offer accessories for these uniforms, but they also have these military uniforms for sale.

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Phone: 201-724-2391
Website: Not Given
372 Wildrose Ave.
Bergenfield, NJ 07621

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