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Jehovah's Witnesses Bloodless Surgeries Propaganda

Submitted by: Watchtower Whistleblower

2010-02-08 13:26:13

(OPENPRESS) February 8, 2010 -- Watchtower blood transfusion confusion
Simple fact-The Bible does not prohibit Blood transfusions.If you are bleeding to death it is more dangerous to refuse a blood transfusions than to take one. Bloodless surgeries are great if they can be elective.1/3rd of all trauma deaths are from blood loss.
When paramedics show up at an accident scene, quite often somebody needs blood (hypovolemia) or they're going to die.

Bloodless emergency treatment is a oxymoron
Blood can be dangerously infectious but 1/3rd of all trauma deaths are from bleeding out,so not taking emergency blood is more lethal.
For elective surgeries by all means avoid a transfusion by banking your own blood or building up your own existing potency with vitamins etc.
The Watchtower society will not allow a JW to bank their own blood

FYI 1) JW's DO USE many parts aka 'fractions' aka components of blood,so if it's 'sacred' to God why the hypocritical contradiction flip-flop? 2) They USE blood collections that are donated by Red Cross and others but don't donate back,more hypocrisy.

The thousands of deaths caused by the Watchtower misinterpretation of the Bible does not go away nor is it justified because of emerging bloodless treatment technology.

The Bible says nothing about blood transfusions. The Bible passages in question (kosher law) have to do with diet.
This deadly doctrine by the Watchtower leadership is killing men,woman and children.

The Watchtower leaders of the Jehovah's Witnesses are hypocrites, they promote no blood while at the same time use many blood fractions. They trump the advantages of bloodless surgeries and try to grab the credit for it when in fact bloodless techniques were pioneered by non-JW doctors because of the shortage of blood donors (e.g. all the JW's who use blood fractions but don't donate back)

Within the Jehovah's Witnesses doctrine on blood there are major inconsistencies. For instance, a Witness cannot except red blood cells but they can except hemoglobin which constitutes 97% of a red blood cell.

They cannot except a minor blood component like platelets, which constitutes .17% of blood volume, but can except albumin, which constitutes a larger 2.2% of blood volume. I challenge any of Jehovah's Witness to show me from the Bible why accepting platelets is a sin against God but taking albumin is acceptable for a Christian. If you cannot show this from the Bible you have to admit that you are not following the Bible but rather the shifting opinion of men, namely the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses.


Reg;Bovine Cow blood derived HEMOPURE
The Watchtower has approved the use of Hemopure® (bovine hgg - 250/HBOC -201). This is directly in opposition to the Watchtower's abstaining from blood as taught by them.

For information about this conflicting information.

The followers of the Watchtower are taught one thing and the Watchtower practices another to release it self from responsibility so they publicly state the use of blood is a conscientious matter.

The deeply controlled followers seek approval from the leadership which means approval from God to them so they rather let a child die than suffer from disapproval, congregational social repercussions, disfellowshipping, and shunning.

The Watchtowerites sincerely believe the conflicting messages.

Jehovah Witness blood policy reform site

Watchtower Whistleblower
Danny Haszard Bangor Maine .

Contact Info

Watchtower Whistleblower
Phone: 207-433-7627
POB 1503 Bangor Maine 04402-1503


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