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Investigation Request of Formal Criminal Complaint Filed Against German Officials

Submitted by: SI Investment Group

2018-08-13 11:54:32 digg facebook Email twitter print

An investigation into this matter has been requested 94 times in the last 4 years

(OPENPRESS) What follows is detailed information related to the formal criminal complaint filed in the Federal Republic of Germany, State of Hessen Frankfurt-am-Main Court of Appeals on July 23, 2018 against defendants that include Dr. Thomas Aumuller and Dr. Roman Poseck , previous and current President, Frankfurt am Main Court of Appeals; Dr. Jurgen-Peter Graf, Federal Court Criminal Panel 1; Dr. Wolfgang Schauble and Olaf Scholz, previous and current Federal Republic of Germany Minister of Finance; Dr. Heiko Maas, previous Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection; and Angela Merkel, current Chancellor.

Charges include:

1. Theft.
2. Theft of funds.
3. Forgery.
4. Misapplication of fiduciary property.
5. Fraudulent destruction, concealment or removal of writings.
6. Commercial bribery.
7. Obstruction or retaliation.
8. Perjury.
9. Tampering with or fabricating physical evidence.
10. Interference with public duties.
11. Preventing execution of civil process.
12. Abuse of official capacity.
13. Official oppression.
14. Misuse of official information.

An investigation into this matter has been requested 94 times in the last 4 years. As of this date no reference number has been assigned to this complaint and no investigation has commenced.

In lieu of a formal investigation, we ask assistance in commencing an informal investigation.

Details of this 'private matter' include:

1. On September 6, 2006 a formal complaint was filed in Frankfurt Germany by Brad Haskins against numerous entities including Sam Colins, Solid Investment, Alex Polyakov, Jungle Ventures.

2. A subsequent investigation found numerous criminal charges filed.

3. Due to its international nature, it was assigned to the German Federal Court, Criminal Panel 1.

4. In September 2007, in lieu of criminal charges, a settlement agreement was reached between entities controlled by Schroeder Asset Management and representatives of over 50,000 investors.

5. Judicial oversight was assigned to Dr. Thomas Aumuller, Frankfurt-am-Main Court of Appeals.

6. Details of the settlement are confirmed by a detailed wire transaction file obtained by paymaster bank, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and receipt of funds from individual investors.

7. Examples of details that can be confirmed by RBS and the Bank for International Settlement (BIS) include:

         a. May 8, 2009, RBS processed 79 wires within a range of US$92-340M. A Japanese investor received a wire of US$94M into a bank in Hong Kong.

         b. June 26, 2009, RBS processed 95 wires within a range of US$96-195M. 21 wires were received by American investors.

         c. November 19, 2009, RBS processed 104 wires within a range of US$42-504M. Payments were received by;
               i. 2 Canadians of US$77M and US96M respectively.
               ii. 3 Americans of US$57M, 63M and 101M.
               iii. 1 Mexican of US$97M.
               iv. 1 Caribbean of US$108M.
               v. 1 Singaporean of US$78M.
               vi. 1 Hong Kongese of US$69M.
               vii. 1 Russian of US$102M.
               viii. 1 Lithuanian of US$86M.
               ix. 1 Australian of US$71M.

         d. February 5, 2010, RBS processed 120 wires within a range of US$75-125M. Payments were received by;
               i. 1 Belgian.
               ii. 1 American.
               iii. 1 Canadian.

         e. June 4, 2010, RBS processed 214 wires within a range of US$37-179M. Payments were received by;
               i. 3 Hong Kongese ranging from US$37-97M.
               ii. 2 Singaporeans of US$149M and US$217M respectively.

         f. July 23-24, 2010, RBS processed 276 wires ranging from US$29-250M. Payments were received by;
               i. 1 European of US$25M.
               ii. 1 American of US$146M.
               iii. 1 Canadian of US$108M.
               iv. 1 Singaporean of US$117M.

8. Payments ceased February 11, 2011.

9. Legal action was filed in March 2011 in the UK High Court by 3 plaintiffs represented by numbers.

10. June 1, 2011 a ruling signed by Lord Alan Rodger consolidated jurisdiction in the Federal Republic of Germany and transferring both administration and paymaster duties to Dexia. Payments to recommence immediately.

11. June 26, 2011 Lord Alan Rodger dies and payments cease.

12. July 2011, the UK High Court order is suddenly split into several orders and sealed. None of the plaintiffs received copies.

13. October 2011, matching computer monitoring stations tied to the settlement database were installed in Dr. Aumuler's antechamber and an undisclosed location in the UK. The monitoring stations are under the supervision of the UK High Court and cannot be removed until all payments are completed.

14. The UK High Court filed a formal judicial complaint against Dr. Thomas Aumuller.

15. January 2012, a formal judicial hearing was held in relation to Dr. Aumuller's handling of the settlement oversight. Members of the panel included Dr. Jurgen-Peter Graf and Dr. Roman Poseck.

16. March 2012, Dr. Aumuller retired and Dr. Roman Poseck was appointed president, presiding judge and judicial overseer.

17. April 2012, Lord Fraser A. Milverton was appointed fiduciary administrator of the 2007 settlement agreement.

18. April 2012, Lord Milverton signs an ancillary agreement entitled to the EU Bailout for the Federal Republic of Germany entitled "Agreement to Facilitate Payments".

19. The Federal Republic of Germany suddenly has access to significant untraceable funds, payments never recommence and 94 demands for payment, documents and information are ignored.

20. Due to health reasons, the current administrator is Milverton's nephew, Mr. Simon J. Church.

21. After being seen several times at the Frankfurt-am-Main Court of Appeals he disappeared.

22. Church is now believed to be residing near Lake Constance in disputed territory. This arrangement allows the German government control over him while ensuring no beneficiary can make a claim against the settlement agreement.

It is believed that numerous copies of the EU Bailout agreement reside outside German jurisdiction.

This press release is being distributed to over 1,600 media outlets, rating services and political representatives. For further information go to the website Click on "contact" and leave a message, a representative will get back to you shortly. Copies of all court filing are available upon request.

This press release is issued as lawful public notice. If you would like to be removed from our list please go to the website, click on contact, enter contact information and type unsubscribe on the subject line.

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