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Huge Gourmet E Liquid Sales Surge Due To New FDA Regulations (E Juice Coupon Codes Listed)

Submitted by: PEC Vape Shop

2016-09-30 00:01:24 digg facebook Email twitter print

Vape Shops are offering unheard of ejuice sales due to the new the new FDA E-Cig regulations that are looking to put many shops out of business. While e-cig consumers are picking up e liquid during huge eliquid super sales.

(OPENPRESS) The e-cigarette industry has been the wild west ever since vape shops started selling e-juice (or e-liquid), e-cig starter kits and vaping related accessories. E-cigs where introduced to the USA in 2008. The e-cig boom saw a lot of smaller businesses staking their claim; unlike the market for traditional cigarettes, the major tobacco companies weren't able to come in and absolutely dominate the vaping industry. This allowed numerous mom and pop style small businesses to open up and grab a piece of what is reported to be a rather large pie. (The international banking and financial services holding company Wells Fargo estimated that e-cigarettes generated approximately 1.5 billion dollars in sales in 2015).

It seemed to be a win-win; small business owners were able to get on the ground floor of a new rapidly growing industry and consumers were able to have access to what is seen as a far safer alternative to tobacco. However, it appears that this freewheeling entrepreneurial spirit of the vaping industry will soon be a thing of the past as the FDA has recently enacted some new regulations.

First announced back in May of 2016, these new regulations prohibit e-cig or eliquid sales to minors. This is perfectly reasonable of course, and most vape shops where already turning away anybody under the legal smoking age. However, the new FDA regulations also require that all e-cigarette companies submit their products for pre-market review.

This last point is the more concerning for e-cigarette companies and their advocates who argue that the high costs associated with this newly required FDA pre-market review and approval will be absolutely crushing for smaller companies. Instead, the only e-cig manufacturers who will be able to pay for the FDA review will be -you guessed it- the major Tobacco companies. The net effect of these new FDA regulations will lead to there being far fewer Ecigs and Ejuice varieties, produced by only a handful of huge corporations.

In an interview vape shop owner Terry Brazil stated the following. "We used to run eliquid sales and special coupon codes just to give back to the community. However ejuice sales and coupons are now a necessity and every day event. If we even want a chance at keeping open we need to make as much money as possible."

But wait there's more! Under the new regulations smaller producers will not only be required to submit their new products for pre-market approval moving forward, but will also have to take the products they are already currently selling and pay to have them pre-market reviewed. How much will this cost? According to the FDA's own estimates, the entire pre-market approval process will cost companies more than 1.700 hours worth of labor and more than a million dollars per product up for review. A million dollars may be spare change to big tobacco, however these new FDA regulations are crippling for smaller e-cig producers.

E-Liquid Prices Are Likely To Get Higher

In the long run not only are vape products going to be harder to find there is going to be less selection and competition as companies who simply can't afford regulation are forced to fold. The prices of electronic cigarettes (hardware needs to be FDA pre-market reviewed too) is also expected to rise as the competition dries up. Some vape shops are raising their prices now that the FDA's first phase of regulations went into place on August 8th 2016. It's simple logic, raise prices to create a bigger profit margin and hopefully make enough money to keep afloat.

However, not all vape shop owners are hiking up their prices in an attempt to raise more money to pay for the outrageous pre-market approval costs. Some vape shops realize that vapers are also aware of the uncertainty caused by the rather poorly understood FDA regulations, and that now is the time to stock. So instead they are looking to move more product via huge e-juice sales to gather the much needed FDA funds.

The vape shop (PEC Vape Shop) owner that was interviewed for this piece falls into the later category. When asked what sets his vape shop apart from the competition he replied, "We have been in this business since 2009 and use only the highest quality ingredients. We have collected and created well over 450 flavors that we make our eliquid with. From tobacco flavors to fruit and bakery flavors".

To say that the new FDA regulations are crippling the vape industry would be an understatement. The industry is faced with an uncertainty and an outcome that nobody could possibly predict. Some advice for vapers, find some good e-liquid and keep a decent supply on hand. Who knows when their favorite supplier will close down.

Here are three reputable companies that are currently offering eliquid / ejuice sales and coupon codes. Also make sure to spread the word about these e-liquid sales, it just might be the difference between keeping or loosing the business they put so much of their time, money, and hearts into. Coupon Code — save30 to get 30 percent off their huge variety of eliquid Coupon Code - CFD15 to get 15 percent off their low prices. Coupon Code - 10off to get 10 percent off their low prices.

In conclusion the vape industry needs every-bodies support. Every shop owner that was spoken to seems to think pretty much the same thing. "Right now the main goal is to increase e-juice sales and try to survive in this uncertain time." Some shops are raising prices while others are lowering them. But from a vapers stand point at the end of the day there is only once choice, stock up while the e-liquid sales last because nobody will know if the local vape shop will be the next to fall victim to the unreasonable FDA regulations.

Contact Info

PEC Vape Shop
Phone: 906-259-1323
PEC Vape Shop
ATTN: Terry Brazil
416 Ashmun St
Suite B
Sault Ste Marie, MI 49783

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