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Houston Based Criminal Case Consultants Inc Launches Specialized Forensic Document Examination Division

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2015-05-25 00:01:59 digg facebook Email twitter print

Criminal Case Consultants Inc, a Houston Texas based forensic deception analysis consulting firm has officially launched a specialized division of the company offering a portal where clients will have access to forensic document related services

Houston, TX (OPENPRESS) Criminal Case Consultants Inc, a Houston Texas based forensic consulting firm has officially launched a specialized division of the company ( which offers forensic document examination services to individuals, corporate and government clients. At the present time Criminal Case Consultants Inc. is a highly specialized forensic consulting firm retained by attorneys in criminal and civil cases where witness testimony may be in question. Brian Leslie, Senior Deception Analyst and founder of the firm says that the company has added this new division and services to service demand. "We have some of the top forensic document examination experts available in the United States and Canada that will service our clients", says Leslie.

Leslie says that the new division of the firm will offer its services to public and private corporations, banks, insurance companies, law firms, accounting firms, investigative agencies, art houses, investors, investment firms, private lenders, government agencies, school boards, universities, regulatory bodies, trade-unions and individuals. Docufraud division will provide forensic examination of general documents, checks, wills, deeds, legal contracts, insurance records, employment agreements, as well as signatures and handwriting comparison. Leslie believes that this new division will package these specialized forensic services and make them more accessible to private companies, individuals and government agencies. Leslie expects to launch a national marketing effort over the next few weeks. With fraud on the rise, Leslie believes that having a portal such as will only allow specialized forensic services to be more accessible to businesses and individuals.

Company Information is a division of Criminal Case Consultants Inc. out of Houston Texas and operates in both the United States and Canada with offices in both Houston, TX and Toronto, Ontario. mandate is to make available forensic services such as; document examination, handwriting comparison, Signature Comparison, Forgery & Counterfeit Detection, Document Authentication, check forgery, traced, freehand and impersonation Forgeries to business, individuals and government.

Contact Information

Brian Leslie
Senior Deception Analyst
Criminal Case Consultants Inc
E-mail :

Contact Info
Phone: 713-353-4994
1200 Smith street
16 Floor
Houston, TX

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Press Keywords: DOCUFRAUD.COM, Forensic document examination, checks, wills, deeds, legal contracts, signature comparison, handwriting comparison, deception, fraudulent documents
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