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Grand Theft Auto 5 Hit The Record Of Best Selling Game

Submitted by: WholesGame

2014-12-06 00:01:55 digg facebook Email twitter print

Grand Theft Auto 5 has hit the record of best selling video game, overshadowing the previous record holder, Call of Duty Black Ops.

(OPENPRESS) Rockstar's GTA 5, released last September for PS3 and X360 platforms, has just released for the next gen consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, this month. It is planned for release on the PC platform in January 2015.

Immediately after releasing on PS4 and Xbox One, GTA 5 has climbed to the number one position of UK top selling video games chart, pushing down Call of Duty Advanced warfare, which was in the top for two consequent weeks, after its release in early November. GTA 5 is predicated to stay on the top positions for many upcoming weeks.

This week's another hit was Far Cry 4 by Ubisoft. It took the second position of the chart, a surprising result for many. None of Call of Duty series recent releases has been pushed down from the number one position of the chart shortly after their release. It was predicted though that GTA 5, after releasing on PS4 and Xbox, will be able to push Call of Duty Advanced Warfare down, but it came as a surprise, that Call of Duty was pushed even further down to the third position by also another game, Far Cry 4, which took the second position this week. Another Ubisoft new release, Assassin Creed Unity for PS4 and Xbox One was not able to move Call of Duty from the top last week, and took only the second position.

FIFA 15 by EA, on the other hand, shows stable results, occupying the 4th position of the chart. The game was released in September, and managed to keep top positions up until now and it is predicted to hold good positions for many more weeks. Electronic Arts has released also another title last week, Dragon Age Inquisition, which took the 5th place in this week's charts. The game is predicted to have good sales, let us see how it behaves in the chart in the weeks to come.

HALO the Master Chief Collection, which was on the 3rd position last week, dropped to the 10th position, a rather sharp decline. Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham declined to the 8th position, and Destiny, for the first time after its release date, has dropped off the top 10. Not surprising as many new releases arrived during last several weeks, it is quite likely that Destiny will come back to Top 10 soon as the game is very popular.

Minecraft, of course a long seller, shows very stable results, week after week remaining in Top 10, indicates that it's a good buy for any trader.

Source: Top 10 Video Games

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