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Global Traffic Matrix

Submitted by: The Open Press

2009-08-22 12:15:45

(OPENPRESS) August 22, 2009 -- I just received an email from my sponsor in another program who had received a call from one of the very top internet marketers in the world who has built recruiting lists and teams upwards of 100,000 people in short order on the internet.

He shared an amazing secret about a company in it's last stage of pre-launch (Company launch is in September) that will allow you to join right now for F~R~E~E and get positioned for an "internet explosion" heard around the world. You can build your contact list and also make money!

My contact list gives me people to continually market too and bring into whatever business I might be doing now or in the future. Recruiting your teams from warm lists of success minded individuals like yourself is the fastest and most certain way to build a great and long lasting residual income. People ask me all the time about recruiting people, my reply to them is that I always start with my lists of previous marketers who have worked with me before and are comfortable doing so.

This Traffic Matrix will now enable YOU to do the following:

(1) Build your very own contact list at a rate ten times faster than you could ever do so with old-fashioned marketing techniques.

(2) Join for F.R.E.E right now at

and get your Matrix Position locked in and ready for the company launch on the Internet worldwide in September.

(3) The company will enroll 250,000 marketers in August with their Quick Start Ad-Coop (optional) and will give you 4 sign ups for every one free person you enroll! The Coops start at $29.95 and the elite coop is only a one time $99.95 (I just signed up) because these people are going to fall down below any of you who sign up for F.R.E.E now at the link above.

(4) This company will enable you to build list of hundreds, even thousands of professional internet marketers and social networkers who you can feed right into your main business.

I just joined this Traffic Matrix for F.R.E.E and then decided to help you get these company sponsored new members (many who will upgrade in September) to fall below you to help fill your matrix too.

My sponsor, talked with his sponsor who has already enrolled 102 FREE Members, he joined the coop and has in just two weeks seen his downline Matrix fill through 8 levels and expects to see an income of over $60,000 monthly starting in September. He also believes that his contact list will grow to over 2500 new people by year-end! Wow

Sign up F.R.E.E NOW:

Don't forget to join us on the GTM Calls every Monday and Thursday:

Time: 6pm (PST) / 9pm (EST)
Phone Number: 712-432-0075
Access Code: 420378

Doug's Story:

As you know, GTM is a joint venture undertaken by people from both network marketing and traditional business. As a result, all parties thought it wise to plan ahead, test as we go, and adjust as needed to make sure the systems work for everyone who would want to be involved, regardless of the participants' backgrounds. So we needed a Guinea Pig.

Meet Doug Hopkins, a non-network marketer. Doug had done freelance computer repair, and then started his own company, where at one time he employed five people full time and others on an as-needed basis. Doug lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Michigan - the state with the highest unemployment rate in the nation. Doug's company did not survive the recession.

Doug had worked on a couple of other projects with us, so we knew a) he was a hard worker, and b) he knows how to follow instructions. So we asked him to try GTM.

Dougs answer "I don't know the first thing about network marketing, but just tell me what to do and I'll get the job done!"

Since then, Doug has risen to the top of the heap, personally recruiting well over 100 members into the GTM program. "I didn't know what to do, so I just did whatever Tim Flatt told me. Now I'm getting a nice check and looking forward to 'phase two!'"

Doug is now talking to pre-enrollees as fast as he can, trying to get them to enrollee status so he can grab his share of the 20,000 pre-enrollees we just brought in. He'll also be taking advantage of the co-op program when it comes out, knowing full well that it'll double his pre-enrollee awards.

Frankly, we're pretty impressed - if a guy with no experience can do this well, how well can you do? All you've got to do is go follow the plan and you'll see success!

Doug would like to thank his wife, whose state job carried them through the low times. He's promised to buy her something shiney to thank her for her faith in him and the GTM program. We all think it'll be shiny on top and have four wheels! And it may or may not come from Michigan!

Global Traffic Matrix

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