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  Wednesday, May 18th 2022 - 3:09pm EDT
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Get Your Windows-Centric Business apps to iPad in Minutes

Submitted by: Softjourn, Inc.

2014-05-20 00:01:50 digg facebook Email twitter print

Softjourn and start-ups go together. Having worked with several throughout the US and Europe, Softjourn is excited to see the latest start-up launch.

San Francisco, CA (OPENPRESS) Softjourn, a software development services company, disclosed its work today with PowWow, a San Francisco based start-up, who is helping corporations deliver on the promise of mobile. With PowWow, more companies are able to let their employees experience Windows apps as if they were made for the ipad, enabling them to get more done on the go.

With the explosive growth of mobile devices and the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend, how do businesses bring all the Windows-centric desktop applications, that they have spent billions to develop, to mobile? PowWow, a new technology start-up has got a solution! Realizing that it is cost prohibitive to re-write business applications for mobile,PowWow designed a cloud based platform that runs Windows-based apps on tablets without a port. PowWow has a special focus on iPads, with and Android release coming later this year.

As part of this process, PowWow chose Softjourn as its software development partner to streamline its software development processes. "The team in Ukraine is so closely integrated with us, they understand what we are trying to achieve. Distance is not an issue, it is the opposite in fact, it means that PowWow never sleeps!" — Jonathan Kaplan, Co-Founder & CTO, PowWow

For Softjourn, working closely with its clients is key, this means understanding our client's business. "We are all excited to be working on this project with PowWow and to be working on this product specifically. As people do more things on the go, they expect tablets to help them do things like edit office documents, and this is a great service that delivers programs like MS Word to the iPad without compromising security, employee privacy, or the mobile experience." — Liubomyr Nykyforuk, Project Manager, Softjourn, Inc.

About PowWow
PowWow revolutionizes mobile work by delivering Windows applications to tablets without a port. PowWow does this by using a new approach — Virtualization as a Service — designed specifically for the tablet and the cloud. Any Windows application can be delivered to the tablet in a matter of hours. Gestures, touch and keyboards are configured so each application feels native. And PowWow offers unique mobile features like application sharing for presentations and application co-browsing for support. PowWow — located in Brisbane, California — does all of this with the cost, security and speed benefits of a cloud/SaaS model.

About Softjourn, Inc.
Softjourn has been providing software engineering and business process outsourcing services from Ukraine since 2001. Both SMEs and Fortune 1000 companies have partnered with Softjourn, which has brought them advances in the services and products they are able to provide to their clients. With Softjourn, clients achieve increased revenue streams faster than they could alone. For more information, visit

Contact Info

Softjourn, Inc.
Phone: +1.510.943.6217 x504
39270 Paseo Padre Pkwy #251
Fremont, CA 94536

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Press Keywords: software development, start-up, Windows, iPad, BYOD, Virtualization
Press Company: Softjourn, Inc.
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