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Get Around the Corner with the Latest Hummingbird Algorithm Update

Submitted by: Worldwebexperts

2013-11-12 00:01:43 digg facebook Email twitter print

Google rolled out the new search algorithm Hummingbird on its 15th birthday celebrations. This algorithm has been developed with the intent of rendering accurate and faster search query results.

New York, NY (OPENPRESS) The Hummingbird algorithm is dependent on the semantic search and concentrates on the intent of the user versus the personal search terms.

The Hummingbird algorithm concentrates more on each and every word in the query and makes sure that the entire query or the entire conversation or the entire meaning of the complete sentence is taken into consideration instead of just considering only a few words. So now the main aim of this algorithm is that the web pages which match with the meaning will do better than the web pages which match just a few words. Despite the fact that the official Hummingbird update was released in the last week the reports have revealed that the roll out of this latest update began since last month. Unlike the Google's Panda and Penguin Updates the Hummingbird algorithm is just a mere total replacement.

This algorithm is a crystal-clear expansion of the Google's Semantic capability palpable at the interface levels which disclose two important things. Firstly that Google has enhanced the ability to transact with sophisticated search queries that implies that it as well has enhanced the process of indexing various entities in web documents that implies that the knowledge graph should by far be enriched. David Amerland gives a detailed explanation on how the Hummingbird update is going to benefit everyone.

When considering from the strategy point of view it will pave way for webmasters and companies in distinct directions. Talking from practical point of view the necessity to find out the USP of every business and trying to become authorities in that field is nowadays an essential criterion for achieving success in the SEO field. The comparison element that is provided and suggested is that the semantic mark-up possibly will start to bestow an advantage now in particular when it is about indexing information in services and products. The emphasis here is made on the fact that the content is no more isolated but rather is shared across various social networks through different trusted influencers. Amerland adds to it by saying that one cannot expect this to happen in overnight but rather will require great commitment and time for building a relationship with the influencers and to share the content with them which will actually add value to the network.

Further to add on to the roll out of Hummingbird he says that the focus of the algorithm on Semantic search is going to coerce SEO in the right direction. He says that Google since quite a lot of time has been discussing about semantic language & grasp a better understanding of the meaning behind the search and this Hummingbird update is definitely going to make lot of sense in this aspect.

Sunny Jacob from the leading online marketing company WorldWebExperts comments that the latest decision of Google to make the search term data 100% not provided is related to the latest Hummingbird Algorithm roll out. He says that it is more of the purpose behind the content and less of keywords which actually makes sense. It is undoubted fact that if there are no keywords then it will be little difficult to find out the intent of the customer but no matter there are several other different ways in which one can get hint on these aspects just by trying to engage your users on the social media , forums and other sources.

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