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  Tuesday, October 27th 2020 - 10:17pm EDT
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Fraud Charges Being Pursued Against Private Money Authority, Inc. Founder And Managers

Submitted by: Fin Sol Group

2020-07-30 00:01:07 digg facebook Email twitter print

Fin Sol Group is pursuing fraud charges against Private Money Authority Inc (PMA) Founder Nate Manager and Managers Sean Doolittle and Kevin Knapp for breach of contract, fraud and SEC violations.

Denver, CO (OPENPRESS) Fin Sol Group is issuing the following statement today: The Founder of Private Money Authority (PMA), and its Founder Nate Marshall, is now under investigation by the police for his alleged role in a fraud scheme. The charges being pursued include investment fraud, theft, and SEC violations. According to Westminster Police department Nate Marshall was charged with a rental scam in 2011 which is a disclosure he would have had to make by law. Fin Sol Group (FSG)'s CEO Wayne Weisenfluh attests, "No such disclosure was ever made to us."

In September 2019, FSG bought membership positions into PMA's fund. On the website PMA describes itself as a, "premier investment firm" adding, "Due to our singular focus on the apartment sector and our innovative team approach…At Private Money Authority, Inc. we strive to engage in the investment business with honesty and integrity."

According to the website Private Money Authority, Inc. subsidiaries include: Private Money Holdings LLC, The Private Money Real Estate Opportunity Fund LLC, The Private Money Hemp Opportunity Fund LLC, The Private Money Energy Opportunity Fund LLC, The Private Money Precious Metals Opportunity Fund LLC, and My Private Money Lender

Fin Sol Group (FSG) CEO, Wayne Weisenfluh, confirms, "PMA Founder Nate Marshall and his partners Sean Doolittle and Kevin Knapp breached the terms of multiple contracts signed by Nate Marshall on behalf of PMA with FSG." On June 6, 2020 the parties signed an amended agreement that stated:
"PMA and Nate Marshall agree to fund Fin Sol Group $45,000,000… The funding deadline submitted by Nate Marshall is July 1, 2020…If for any reason FSG does not agree to or sign off on any of the delays Nate Marshall and PMA must make deposit arrangements of $22,000 on July 1, 2020." No funding or refund was made, and a second contract was signed amending the terms. It states, "Nate Marshall of PMA will refund $11,000 back to Fin Sol Group as a good faith gesture, on the delays of funding the $45M. Nate agrees to transfer this amount into the Fin Sol Group's account by 7—23—2020." These terms were also breached by a failure to pay.

Fin Sol Group COO, Philippa Burgess, confirms, "After making a formal request for our money back in early June 2020, we were met with an initial response that stated funds could only be reimbursed once the fund was funded. Signed agreements confirming a refund are being disregarded by PMA and its managers, and we continue to have to deal with lies, misdirection and shenanigans."

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Fin Sol Group
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Denver, CO 80205

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