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Former Broadcasting Partner Sues YouNow, Opens Up Own Live Stream Site,, Where Everybody Can Get Tipped and Get Paid to Broadcast.

Submitted by: SwerveCast

2015-07-19 00:01:40 digg facebook Email twitter print

Former Live Streaming Partner Fist Pump sues YouNow for Defamation, Commercial Disparagement, Breach of Contract and Trade Libel — forced to open up own Live Streaming Site, — Where You can Broadcast, Get Tipped and Get Paid.

(OPENPRESS) Former live streaming Partner, known as Fist Pump, sued in New York Supreme Court last month (Index No: 155631/2015), citing Defamation, Commercial Disparagement, Breach of Contract and Trade Libel. As a result, Fist Pump was forced to open his own live-streaming site, (, which is now aimed at allowing anyone to broadcast, get "tipped" by their viewers, and get paid with real money.

"I believe everyone should have the ability to be paid for their content. It shouldn't matter if you have 10 fans or 100,000 fans. Everyone should be able to make money from broadcasting by putting their life in the public eye", says Robert Ianuale, also known as Fist Pump, the CEO of and former YouNow Partner.

The persona Fist Pump made YouNow an estimated $100,000 in the course of three months from February 2015 to May 2015, and had over 56,000 "fans" who could watch him broadcast on a daily basis. In May, Fist Pump was wrongfully terminated and began to issue defamatory statements and actions against its former Partner, including suspending Fist Pump's fans for trying to support him.

Due to YouNow's alleged defamatory actions and attempts to damage its former broadcaster's reputation; Fist Pump was forced to develop and open up his own broadcasting site in order to keep in contact with his fans.

"Because of YouNow, other sites refused to allow me to broadcast on their platform, and because of that I had to create my own site in order to keep in contact with my fans" says Robert Ianuale.

Fist Pump became a paid partner of YouNow in February 2015 and continued until May 5, 2015, when YouNow claimed that he had "physically abused a woman on broadcast" even after evidence, police reports and the recorded broadcast video clearly shows that there was no physical abuse.

YouNow claimed that Fist Pump was terminated due to violations of its "Terms of Service"; however, evidence in the lawsuit suggests that not only does the site ignore violations from broadcasters, YouNow may actually condone and allow violations, including allowing children to be exploited on the site and allowing other Partners to routinely commit violations.

Fist Pump filed a lawsuit against YouNow in Federal Court to defend his reputation. Full court documents can be found at the following site:

Apparently YouNow has also allegedly allowed other top paid Partners to continue defamatory and libelous statements against Fist Pump even after the original lawsuit was filed.

Specifically, YouNow allegedly allowed its paid Partner known as "Mr. Cashier" to further defame and irreparably damage the reputation of Fist Pump to the point that Robert Ianuale had to file a separate lawsuit in New York Supreme Court against Tayser Abuhamdeh (Index No: 157127/2015), known as "Mr. Cashier" on YouNow, in order to stop his false claims, as YouNow not only allowed it to continue for two months but may have also condoned it.

Fist Pump can be routinely viewed on his new site,, broadcasting daily to his fans every evening at around 6:00PM EST — and sometimes throughout the day.

SwerveCast, which is only 6 weeks old, is receiving thousands of new users per day; and each and every user can broadcast on their computer and get tipped by their viewers. If they choose, they can "cash out" their "bars" at the end of every month for real money.

Currently, iPhone and Android apps are in the works and should be released soon.

For more information about the new live streaming site that allows everyone to get tipped and get paid, visit

For more information about the lawsuits against YouNow and "Mr. Cashier", visit


You can also view the full court documents on the New York Supreme Court Site at:



All other information pertaining to the lawsuits can be viewed at:

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