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EziBookings Restaurant Booking System

Submitted by: Christina Wylie

2015-04-16 00:01:44 digg facebook Email twitter print

EziBookings: the Aussie-made and run online restaurant reservation system that puts the restaurateur back in control.

(OPENPRESS) In 2015, online bookings are quickly becoming the status quo. With the large majority of Australians owning smart phones, being able to reserve a table at a restaurant online has become an essential part of the customer service offering. It's often faster, easier and means avoiding the whole process of calling up and potentially having to wait on the phone for busy matre d's to become available. Diners get instant confirmation without the hassle.

But on the flip side, many Aussie restaurants are getting a raw deal. They're being stung with hefty commission fees and they don't own or have exclusive access to their customer information. And a lot of them don't even know this is happening.

Restaurants that are able to collect and access their customer data will be better equipped to retain customers, generate new business and maximise efficiencies.

"Since moving to EziBookings our online bookings have increased, staff have become more efficient and we have built our own customer database."

Ezibookings was established because there was a need in the restaurant industry for a fair, commission-free booking system that put the restaurateur back in control of their own booking information. Being a web-based online reservation and table management system that does not poach valuable customer information, restaurateurs are assured that their customer database isn't used when promoting competitors. With a low, flat monthly fee for their services without any hidden costs or booking commissions, restaurateurs also benefit from a decrease in operating cost.

Henry Rahi at EziBookings says, "What sets us apart from the competition is our fair business model. We're commission free, we don't own your customer database and we have no locked-in contracts. Our booking system is advanced and easy to use, and has been selected by one of Australia's top hospitality schools William Blue Dining."

Benjamin Nash, restaurant co-owner of Infuzions Cammeray and Infuzions Hornsby, uses EziBookings in both of his restaurants. "With our old booking system we were getting charged close to $1,000 per month," Nash says, "we did not exclusively own our customer database and our regulars were being marketed to by the booking system company. Since moving to EziBookings our online bookings have increased, staff have become more efficient and we have built our own customer database. The money saved on bookings is now spent on marketing to our customer base."

Rahi says, "You get all the benefits of online bookings without forfeiting your customer data and having to pay commission for regulars."
EziBookings is designed to be easy to use so that first-time users will be able to operate it without the need for training. EziBookings is Australian made, owned and operated and has already booked over 190,000 covers.

To learn more information about EziBookings, visit:

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Christina Wylie

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Christina Wylie
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