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Effectiveness of Employee Security Training Key in Reducing Security Breaches

Submitted by: PressReleasePoint

2009-10-22 00:11:07 digg facebook Email twitter print

Security awareness experts promote flexible new approach to employee education, focusing on strategy, design and performance to reverse the trend of ineffective security training.

Toronto (OPENPRESS) October 22, 2009 -- Toronto-based security training consultants from Informatica Education are changing the way employee awareness training is being done in companies across North America. By using a modular security methodology based on a three-part combination of factors, the overall cost of security management is controlled and IT security budgets are kept in check. The company is introducing the WorkLife Content Licensing program, allowing organizations to pick and choose the aspects of security they would like to build into their employee education program. Once selected, the company provides a complete, customized training program, educational calendar, communication plan, self-assessment and other training resources.

"You can't have privacy without proper security, and you can't have security without educated, vigilant, cooperative employees" says Claudiu Popa, a recognized security expert and author of the Canadian Privacy and Data Security Toolkit for SME published by the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants. "What we are seeing from talking to clients of all sizes is a compliance-driven adoption of security awareness training across the continent." says Popa, who is also the company's President and Founder. "Unfortunately what we're seeing is a huge focus on the cost of these programs, with disproportionate focus placed on the lowest price solution, the shortest training workshop and the most entertaining interface. Those are certainly not the top three elements I would consider in selecting a key piece of my security management plan." Claudiu Popa is also the creator of the Information Security Awareness Certification, a complete workshop and exam package uniquely designed to bring all employees up to speed with security and privacy across the organization.

Informatica Research estimates that price per seat, program brevity and entertainment value are within the top 4 selection factors for security awareness education in no less than 84% of organizations. The WorkLife Content Licensing program is delivered according to Informatica Education's 3-part learning effectiveness system, composed of: strategic planning, professionally customized program design, and performance metrics. This has contributed to a 100% satisfaction rating from customers as well as increased effectiveness in other areas of security management: incident management, business continuity, sensitive information disposal, breach detection and prevention.

Informatica offers WorkLife customized security awareness programs and Information Security and Privacy Awareness Certification programs to public and private sector organizations. Course delivery, e-learning platform, certificate production and many other aspects of the program are entirely optional and customizable. For more information contact the company at

About Informatica Education
Informatica Education and Informatica Research are wholly owned subsidiaries of Information Security Corporation. Informatica Education provides corporate clients with current knowledge and education with a focus on information security, asset protection and compliance. Available as instructor-led courses, e-learning and computer-based programs, a full solution catalogue is available online at

Informatica Education is best known for its pioneering Security Awareness Certification program that helps organizations educate employees at every level about the importance of workplace security best practices, the protection of information assets and regulatory compliance. The program is available to all organizations across Canada in e-learning and instructor-led formats. For more information visit or

WorkLife Learning is Informatica's proprietary portfolio of courses and seminars, designed to meet the requirements of corporate training and development plans, security strategies and budgets. WorkLife Learning includes Security Awareness Certification, on-site seminars and a variety of corporate training programs offered through Informatica Education Partners such as the Humber Corporate Education Centre, the Schulich School of Business and Ryerson University. On the Web at:

The Informatica group of companies offers diversified security solutions including best-of-breed commercial products, research and analysis, strategy and implementation, corporate training and security awareness certification for all corporate employees. Over the past 20 years, Informatica has provided consulting, analysis, implementation and training solutions to SME and enterprise clients in diverse sectors. Informatica clients include financial organizations, government, non-profit organizations, services, manufacturing and health organizations.

On the web: and and

For media enquiries and editorial comment contact: Claudiu Popa, CISSP, PMP, CISA, President & CEO, Informatica Corporation, 1 Yonge St. Suite 1800, M5E 1W7, Toronto, Canada, 416-431-9012

Claudiu Popa, CISSP, PMP, CISA
President & CEO
Informatica Corporation Information Security/Risk Management
Toronto, ON
416-431-9012 .

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