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Do Well By Doing Good - Fundraising at Its Easiest

Submitted by: The Open Press

2009-12-01 15:53:33

(OPENPRESS) December 1, 2009 -- Edswire has announced its new fundraising program. This program helps communities and non-profit organizations raise money without their supporters having to write a check. It's like having a pipeline to raising money for your organization 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. When connected to this pipeline you'll ask yourself, "how much more could you do?" or "how many more could you serve?" and most importantly "how much faster could you reach your goals?"

Your organization will be connected to Edswire , which is quickly becoming an online giant in specialized deals. Over 10,000 companies send their deals thru Edswire and each week thru their emailed newsletter, subscribers see these amazing deals. They call it Eds Top 23 list. If your organization qualifies for fundraising, you can earn money just by spreading the word about those deals.

Who is Eligible?
Answer these two questions:
1.) Does your organization have a Specific Need, like equipment, uniforms, maybe even travel?
2.) Does your organization have passionate supporters? Maybe even a booster club?

If you answered yes, then Edswire may be just the right fit for you and your organization. The nice thing is you aren't asking them to do anything they weren't already doing. Shopping online for things they need, when they need them. It's just that simple.

How it works:
-Sign up for Free on Edswire by clicking the Fundraising tab this will give you your own website.
-Send your supporters to your website to sign up for the emailed newsletter. (Privacy is strictly upheld)

Where Does the Money Come From?
Thousands of companies have items for sale and need people to see them. They are asking for referrals to let these items be seen. If a purchase is made, they pay a commission to the person who made that referral - that means your organization.

How Much Will You Make?
Statistics have shown that each subscriber could generate about $12.00 a year in commissions for you. If you imagine this scenario - a little league team of 15 players could each bring in about 12 subscribers with friends or family. That equals 180 people. If each of those people brought in $12 a year, it would bring in $2160 a year for your organization. Just think if you had a Church group of about 200 members and each of them bringing in even 5 people, how much that would bring to your organization. If your supporters have friends and family and they pass the newsletter along, this could mean thousands of dollars for your organization each year.

It's Free, It's Easy and it Helps organizations and communities just like yours.

Sign up at Edswire and get started today.

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The Open Press
PO BOX 6062
Lindenhurst, IL 60046


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