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Discovery of Atlantis in Spain?

Submitted by: MetaMystic Publishing

2011-03-16 21:26:30

(OPENPRESS) March 16, 2011 -- In the Worldwide News Media, an article was released concerning the possible discovery of the location of the legendary Atlantis. Competent Spanish Archeologists have discovered both underground and off coast archeological sites near the Donana National Park area of southwest Spain.

The underground site, which was analyzed with the use of magnetic resonance by these same archeologists, does appear to have many of Plato's physical descriptions of what Atlantis was like. What is most revealing is an inscription found on a large stone surface that does bear the symbol of the Lost Continent. The precise symbol is on my book's cover; which can be accessed at Needless to say, I was both shocked and excited to see this symbol actualized by contemporary archeology.

The problem is that this site is far too late to be Atlantis. This Spanish excavation is carbon dated to have been built between 6,000 and 5,000 BCE. Which is well over 3,000 years after Atlantis sank into the Sea. This according to Plato's reference dates given to him by Solon; who in turn received this information from Egyptian priests. These Priests revealed that Atlantis existed over 10,000 years before Solon's time.

A common mistake is to assume that somehow this Egyptian timetable was inaccurate. And somehow Plato, Solon or the Egyptians themselves were in error. There is no scientific evidence of this time span's credibility either way. But, one has to assume that any people capable of building a structure with the accuracy of the Great Pyramid, would not make stupendous errors in their timekeeping. It is also unlikely that the highly logical Plato went about inventing civilizations just for morality's sake. Remember, everyone thought Homer had done the same thing with Troy, which turned out to have actually existed despite all the skeptics.

There are other reference points that suggest this site is more likely connected to the "Sea People" made reference to in Egyptian, Greek and Biblical historical texts, as well as by Plato himself. The very people who are reputed, by Plato, to have defeated Atlantean forces in a great Sea Battle and could have easily established many colonies throughout the Mediterranean. Plato even alluded to these people originally having settled Athens. Some writers even suggest the very first Troy was founded by them as well.

This current site, therefore, can hardly be the original Atlantis. It is more probably a clone, facsimile or imitation of what was thought among many ancient people to be the design of the legendary Atlantean Capital City of Atalan. This would be something that was quite common in the ancient world. "Copycat Culture Vultures." If something was powerful, great or impressive, everyone had to have one. Every ancient civilization of note attempted to copy the culture and architecture of Atlantis. Much of this copying was only done through assumption, however, after the fact. Loose imitations of a long disappeared culture with a highly effective 3000 year longevity. A civilization which even had many of it's own clone-like colonies spread throughout the world. Locations which are now subsumed by plate tectonics, flooding, erosion, volcanic eruptions, and most of which now lie buried deep below the current level of the oceans.

The Spanish site does appear to resemble the three concentric rings described by Plato, but so do several other potential "Atlantis" sites located around other volcanic origins. i.e. Santorini. What is most impressive about this particular discovery at Donana is the very tangible evidence of what was known to be the actual symbol of Atlantis. The three concentric rings with a line in the center. This symbol was found carved upon a large stone surface... a marking stone. The style of the human figure on it looks much like the human figures in the cave paintings found in Southern France, which are not far from this location. This may indicate a possible stylistic and/or cultural relationship. I suggest, this stone marker actually establishes archeological credence for the very existence of Atlantis. That it definitely was created as a reference to the Lost Continent, the meaning of which has not yet been completely established.

I also suggest everyone has been looking in all the wrong places. Atlantis was in the Atlantic Ocean near what is now referred to as the Sargasso Sea. 500 miles east of Bermuda and 100 miles south.

Now, it will be up to the severe scrutiny of modern archeology to determine whether this particular Spanish excavation is actually "the Atlantis" or not. There will be many arguments pro or con to support the various camps within the Pro-Atlantis archeological communities. Donana will become another possible candidate to critique or support. My sincere belief is that Donana will be the first great discovery link that will finally lead to Atlantis' true location.

Established archeology will then eventually be forced to rethink its long time, negative, stance on Atlantis. This will be especially true after a number of currently underway excavations, such a Donana, begin to reveal more examples of a unique symbolic connection, some of which are soon to be found everywhere from Spain to India, as well as from around Bimini, Cuba and Bermuda. I predict that even more startling discoveries are to come from Turkey, Egypt, Southern Iran and even Peru.

Eventually all the pieces will start to come together and a picture of the true Atlantis will finally emerge. If you wish to save much time and energy, you might choose to check out my own Atlantean revelations in "Atlantis: A Karmic Memory of the Rise & Fall", available at Then you may decide for yourself, where the true location of Atlantis is.

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MetaMystic Publishing
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Las Vegas, NV 89137


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