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Did The Miracles Of Jesus Launch The Evolution Of Consciousness In Humanity?

Submitted by: Nomad Publishing

2014-12-13 00:01:44 digg facebook Email twitter print

What did the miracles of Jesus reveal about this Man? Was he truly the Son of God? How does that make him any different to the rest of Humanity? Jesus said: "Anything I can do, you can do also and more". Could this be possible? This book show you how.

(OPENPRESS) A wild claim. From mystery to mastery; a unique perspective on Jesus.

Jesus said, "Anything I can do, you can do also and more." How is that possible?

In her book "Meet Jesus the Alchemist, Discover the Next Evolutionary Step for Humanity" Nano Daemon offers a bold interpretation of the man called Jesus. In a no-nonsense approach, and deriving heavily from her personal experiences, she demonstrates how this is possible by demystifying the miracles Jesus performed.

In this extraordinary book, the author proposes the following:

- That Evolution has an Agenda, and that an important item on this agenda is the end of life as we know it, predicted by many cultures for the year 2012. The resurrection of Christ, ushering in the Age of Aquarius, was also predicted 2000 years ago for this millennium.

- That a new dawn of consciousness is opening up for humanity and that we are at the threshold of a new awakening to the innate potential within all of us: To rise from Man to Man/God.

- That Jesus was the Original Archetype incarnated as Man/God with all its inherent creative abilities. Jesus explained how to reach this status in parables.

- That the notion of the possibility of eternal life is looming very close, but it is unfortunately overshadowed by fear, misunderstanding and superstition.

The author further proposes that Our Next Evolutionary Step is "SUPER-NATURAL" which is the Superior Form of the Natural, and that The Resurrection of Christ is the awakening of Christ Consciousness within each one of us to perform such miracles and magic.

The author claims that such miracles and feats (and more) are being performed daily but that we fail to recognise them as such. These astounding claims are all verifiable as she cites names, cases and examples which can easily be substantiated through a search on Google, Wikipedia or YouTube.

This book is designed to open up your mind and awaken you to extraordinary possibilities and super powers that are available to any of us but that we fail to see because of our negative conditioning and our limiting religious beliefs.

The book is available for purchase from Amazon
and Smashwords

The powerful concepts in this book are explored in more depth in other books by the same author available from her website and her Amazon Author page

Believe it and you can have it.

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Nomad Publishing
Phone: 612 98742552

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Press Keywords: Miracles of Jesus, Evolution of Consciousness, Alchemy, Alchemist, Powers of the Mind, Healing Powers, Hypnosis, Astral Projection
Press Company: Nomad Publishing
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