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Dealer Marketing Services Introduces Dealer Data Breach Solutions

Submitted by: Dealer Marketing Services, Inc.

2014-04-04 00:01:18 digg facebook Email twitter print

Dealer Marketing Services Introduces "Dealer Data Breach Solutions", a complete Data Breach Victim Assistance Solution for Auto Dealers

Davenport-Moline-Rock Island, IA-IL (OPENPRESS) Dealer Marketing Services Inc., an automotive dealership software and credit services provider has announced a new solution "Dealer Data Breach Solutions". The new product will provide Data Breach and Fraud Response Services to Franchise and Independent Auto dealerships in all 50 states. "Providing dealers with a compliant data breach solution currently available in every other industry is simply the logical next step in our credit & compliance product portfolio" said John Palmer, President & CEO Dealer Marketing Services Inc.

Under Federal Law, dealers are required to provide specific notification and resources to inform victims that a breach has occurred and give them specific information to educate and address the ongoing risk of fraud. The new solution provides the dealerships with resources and fulfillment that is currently not available to auto dealers. Today dealers have few choices when dealing with a breach or data loss incident. Local attorneys rarely have the knowledge to provide immediate assistance with breaches. In most cases by the time a dealer finds a knowledgeable legal resource and begins the mandated process more damage has already occurred. "It's absolutely imperative a dealership takes action immediately." said Palmer. By not taking action immediately dealers face fines and increased legal expenses as a result of not providing the federally mandated resources to prevent future damage and protect consumer credit information.

The product identifies how the breach occurred and will help the dealer with any 3rd party vendors or software providers to cure the security gap that caused the breach. By helping the dealer prevent future loss and address the existing damage, their solution can reduce costs associated with the breach and prevent the dealer from fines and increased legal expenses.

In addition to Federal Law, 46 out of 50 states have specific laws that require a company to provide consumers with tools to help them protect their credit report. The below items are required by law and must be provided to all consumers who have been breached regardless of reason or source of the breach. Their solution provides not only the federally required items but also proactive solutions that exceed the federal or state minimum requirements:

- Certified Fraud Investigator performed by a FTC Certified Fraud Examiner
- Consulting with Existing Software Providers to "Cure" the security gap and prevent future breaches
- Notification to customers who have been breached within 10 business days
- 12 Months of Credit Monitoring for Victims of the Breach at no charge to the victim
- Toll free (800#) with Unlimited calls to a dedicated "Victim Assistance Case Manager"
- Escalated True Name Fraud Victim Assistance by a single case manager to help consumers with actual fraud and theft
- Instant Consumer Credit Freeze on all 3 CRA reports at no charge to the consumer
- Consumer Credit Statement at no cost to the consumer
- Weekly Updates to dealership owner after a breach has occurred. Real time monitoring

Partners & Affiliates please contact Steve Aeschliman at

Dealer Marketing Services Inc. will showcase the new DMS Data Breach Solution in the April 1st edition of Automotive News. See our full page ad for more information or visit our website at

Contact Info

Dealer Marketing Services, Inc.
Phone: 800-322-9034
5401 Elmore Ave. Suite 200
Davenport, IA 52807

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