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  Friday, November 27th 2020 - 3:27am EST
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Complete Sanitization and Disinfection Services in Homes and Commercial Properties

Submitted by: USA Clean Master

2020-04-03 00:01:18 digg facebook Email twitter print

USA Clean Master is the industry leader in Disinfection and Germ Removal and Prevention Services - keeping you safe in dangerous times.

Washington, DC-MD-VA-WV (OPENPRESS) USA Clean Master: Disinfection and Germ Removal Services
Covering all aspects of the cleaning, sanitization and disinfection industry, technicians of USA Clean Master have been providing world class services for our customers with dedication, reliability and at affordable prices for over 10 years.

All of our front-line cleaning technicians undergo an intensive two-month training course in our national headquarters, and after a full background check to ensure their integrity, they are ready to handle any disinfection job that our customers require.

USA Clean Master are the industry leaders in Disinfection and Germ Removal and Prevention Services - keeping you safe in dangerous times.

Following the terrifying outbreak of the COVID-19 virus the world has been on high alert to stop the spread of this potentially deadly pathogen. Our highly trained experts are qualified in germ removal, professional disinfection services and outbreak prevention techniques and methods.

Our teams of disinfection specialists are able to provide services to homes and commercial properties which have experienced an outbreak or may be at risk of an outbreak in the future.

Who is at Risk of the Coronavirus?
Any property, and all of its personnel, that is open to the public is at risk, including gyms, hotels, offices, restaurants, warehouses and all commercial properties.

Our Disinfection Service will help to protect you from viral outbreaks, even during a global pandemic.
Sporicide fogging and disinfection services

There are many ways that a home or commercial property can be disinfected, however most are extremely time consuming, costly and labor intensive. USA Clean Master offers a faster, scientifically backed, service which will save you money, allow you to get your business operational again fast, and ensure the safety of all your personnel.

Sporicide fogging and disinfection service for homes, offices and other commercial units.
This advanced process uses the latest industrial hygiene and disinfection technology to quickly and safely disinfect your property. All of our technicians wear EPA approved personal protective equipment and work fast to secure your property from an outbreak.

Sporicide fogging and disinfection service for air ducts and HVAC systems.
Air ducts can be a major source of contamination where viruses can thrive and be spread from person to person within the building. Our technology and industry expertise allows us to eradicate the dangers, kill lingering germs and halt the spread of dangerous pathogens before they cause a mass infection in your commercial property.

All of our technicians are highly trained and well equipped.
With our excellent inhouse training program and constant technological upgrades, all of our technicians are working with the latest personal protective equipment using the top scientifically tested methods to provide the nation's most trusted professional disinfection services.

Our qualified experts only work with the highest-grade EPA registered and approved disinfectant chemicals and solutions to ensure that we can guarantee our results for you. We will clean, sanitize and disinfect every surface, air duct and area of your home or commercial property to stop the spread of dangerous viral infections and harmful germs.

USA Clean Master is here to help to overcome COVID-19
USA Clean Master is dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of our customers, especially during the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic.

It's always our top priority, in every situation, to ensure the absolute health and safety of both our customers and employees. With over 10 years fighting the dangers of germs, infections and contagious viruses, we have the manpower, skills and expertise to take on any job, no matter how big or small.

If you are worried that your home or commercial property may have been infected, or someone who has been there was infected with the Coronavirus, then call us on 888-396-5195 to talk to one of our professional phone operatives for further advice and a free cost estimate.

Contact Info

USA Clean Master
Phone: 301-637-6776
1133 Taft St
Rockville, MD

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