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Appinventiv Received Special Appearance In The Google Developer Agency Program In India 2018

Submitted by: Appinventiv

2018-10-23 00:01:10 digg facebook Email twitter print

Appinventiv, a mobile app development startup, has recently been invited to Google Development Agency Program 2018, India for sharing their knowledge and experience of working with Google technologies and other cutting-edge technologies.

New York, NY (OPENPRESS) Appinventiv, a promising mobile app startup who has designed and developed 700+ apps for clientele from different business verticals worldwide, has recently been invited to participate in the Google Developer Agency Program, 2018.

Held on this 12th Oct in Bangalore, the event was well-organized in the presence of reputed mobile application development agencies where they shared their story of working with Google technologies and developing top-quality apps. Our experts also demonstrated how collaboration with Google Developer Agency Program has helped us in rising up as a multinational company and offering the best optimal business-centric solutions to our clients.

We shared how, since the day we have been picked by Google for its Design Sprint workshop, we have got a great opportunity to learn the cutting-edge technologies and concepts including Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Progressive Web App (PWA), Action on Google, etc. and how are queries were listened and responded with right solutions in the expected timeline.

We shared our experience of working with Google products and tools and how easy we have been finding curating new innovative ideas and sharing them with our team, business partners, and clients.

We further added how these Google developer tools have helped us look into unclear requirements, mitigate the foreseeable challenges and meet the tight deadlines, without compromising on the quality and cost factor in our mobile app development processes, and how glad we are to be given with this opportunity to share our parameters for delivering success, which comprises of trust, leadership and a healthy work culture.

Through participation in this program and that in the Google Design Sprint 2017, we have emerged out as a part of the direct channel that empowered us to communicate with the tech geeks and engineers at Google directly and get the deeper insights straight from the experts, which has ignited our hope to get support from Google for providing more profitable mobile app development services to our clients and helping their businesses grow along with ours.

About the Google Development Agency Program
Google Developer Agency Programme was originated in 2011 with the motive of bringing all the top mobile application development agencies globally under one roof to facilitate them higher learning in terms of mobile app development by the experts from Google, and help them formulate better processes for creating high-quality apps with the insights gained.

About Appinventiv
Appinventiv is a progressively-growing mobile app development agency that has set a benchmark in the mobile market by not only delivering the most innovative and trendy products/services, but also embracing them in-house. We have designed and delivered 700+ mobile apps using the latest technologies and concepts to provide our clients with perfect mobile app development services based on future needs.

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Phone: 1-646-585-0501
79 Madison Ave, Manhattan, New York, United State

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