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Alongside Night Star Kevin Sorbo Talks Grass-roots Filmmaking

Submitted by: The J. Neil Schulman Living Trust

2014-05-28 00:01:03 digg facebook Email twitter print

Kevin Sorbo encourages open discussion on Ed Morrissey Hot Air over omnipresent government featured in his new movie, Alongside Night

Las Vegas, NV-AZ (OPENPRESS) With disillusionment over omnipresent government rising with revelations about toxic government policies causing low midterm primary election turnout, Kevin Sorbo (Hercules and God's Not Dead) emphasized the need to have an open discussion about the dangers of intrusive government last week on Ed Morrissey's Hot Air Show (, projected forward in his new feature film, "Alongside Night."

"This is a movie that hopefully will wake up a few people. Once again I hope it's not just preaching to the choir. I hope people go there and try to have an open mind and look at it and have a discussion open up after they do it." ~ Kevin Sorbo

In this sci-fi political thriller, Kevin Sorbo plays economist Dr. Martin Vreeland in the midst of the final economic crisis in the US. (Dr. Vreeland: "A direct result of overextending our foreign military obligations in eight different war zones and unlimited domestic bailouts.")

The film is based on the novel Alongside Night, praised by Anthony Burgess (A Clockwork Orange), authored by Twilight Zone writer J. Neil Schulman, who also scripted and directed.

"Alongside Night is a near-future political thriller about what happens when the government spins itself into oblivion and puts everyone at risk." — Author/Director, J Neil Schulman

If you'd like to interview Kevin Sorbo and/or the Author/Director J Neil Schulman, please email

During his Hot Air interview with Ed Morrissey, Kevin emphasized these political thoughts of his own:

"Everything the government puts its hands on doesn't seem to work. I keep telling people this country was built on individuals. It was built on a government that worked for the people, not the other way around. And right now we have a government on both sides of the political spectrum that live in their own little world." ~ Kevin Sorbo

About the Alongside Night Movie and Cast
Kevin Sorbo not only headlines Alongside Night, but is also one of the movie's executive producers. His career as an actor is long and successful, hitting the big time with his title role in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, the number one worldwide 90's TV series for seven years. In 2014, Kevin stars as atheist philosophy Professor Jeffrey Radisson in the break-out indie box-office hit God's Not Dead -- opening number four at the domestic box office, and earning $59 million in nine weeks — which has put him front and center as a spokesman for independent filmmaking.

Writer/director J Neil Schulman notes that the same way the low-budget Oakland Athletics baseball team used "Moneyball" hiring to outplay high-budget baseball teams, Alongside Night -- despite its low budget, uses visual effects artists who worked on megabudget movies like Titanic, an orchestral music score recorded by the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, and a wide range of locations that allow for diverse and expansive action. Alongside Night stars half a dozen other actors well-known for featured roles in high-budget movies and long-running network TV shows:

Alongside Night Cast includes:

Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, God's Not Dead)
Said Faraj (Green Zone, NCIS: Los Angeles)
Jake Busey (Contact with Jodie Foster, CSI: NY)
Tim Russ (Live Free or Die Hard, Star Trek Voyager)
Garrett Wang (Star Trek: Voyager)
Gary Graham (Alien Nation)
Mara Marini (Parks and Recreation)
Valence Thomas (Men in Black 3)
and Dr. Ron Paul as himself.

The movie's upcoming showings thru include:

June 18 — Austin, Texas (co-sponsored by blogger Michael Marotta, Brave New Books, and Capital Coin and Bullion)

June 24 — Lancaster, New Hampshire (part of Free State Project's Porcupine Freedom Festival)

June 26 — Columbus, Ohio (part of National Libertarian Party Convention)

July 8 -- Las Vegas, Nevada (fundraiser for Young Americans for Liberty)

July 14 — Red Carpet screening in Los Angeles featuring Kevin Sorbo and other cast

Movie Website:

Screenings on TUGG:

Full Hot Air Ed Morrissey Show with the Kevin Sorbo interview — May 22, 2014 (starts at around 19 minutes)

YouTube Video -- Dr. Martin Vreeland (Kevin Sorbo) on the Economic Crisis:

If you'd like to schedule a timely interview with Kevin Sorbo and/or Director J Neil Schulman, please email

Contact Info

The J. Neil Schulman Living Trust
Phone: (775) 751-0770
150 S. Highway 160, Suite C-8, #234
Pahrump, NV 89048

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